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ICE CREAM craving for lactose intolerant...

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Hey hounds,

You guys were so helpful the last time!
I have one other related question--

What do you suggest I get to satisfy an ice cream sundae craving for someone who is lactose intolerant? (If you could, please provide specific brand names too)...

THANKS as always!

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  1. I am reasonably, but not fully, lactose intolerant and just take a couple of the lactaid pills before I have ice cream. This seems to work fine for me.


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      For what it's worth, my stepmother does the same, and only has a small portion.

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        Sometimes the Lactaid or Digestive Advantage tablets work for me, sometimes they don't. Never know. I have found that increasing my yogurt consumption seems to regulate the system more.

        As to the topic -- Breyers has a lactose-free ice cream, if you can find it, that is okay, but I've only seen it in vanilla. A little chocolate syrup helps. It's good in iced coffee, too. At an ice cream stand, I just had something called Dole Whip, which I was told is lactose-free, and I had no problems at all with it. It's a pineapple whipped frozen something and it's fairly tasty and refreshing and you can have it in a cone. While I find Lactaid milk pretty nasty tasting and smelling to drink on its own, I've made ice cream with it that was fine.

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            Mocha Mix used to have a very good lactose-free Ice Cream in Vanilla and almond fudge (which I love) but I can't seem to find it in the stores anymore as Dreyers no longer distributes it according to the grocery store mananger. RE: lactose free Milk, have you tried Lactose Free Soy Milk ENHANCED in the half gallon size? I think it's actually pretty good.

      2. m
        Morton the Mousse

        If you have an ice cream maker at home, you can substitute canned coconut cream (not coconut milk, not cream of coconut) for dairy cream. The high saturated fat content in coconut makes for a creamy, rich, dairy free ice cream.

        1. What about soy ice cream? (sorry, can't remember the brand name, but it's found at Trader Joe's)

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            Good one--do they taste ok??

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              Some are better than others. I really like the Soy Decadent brand. Especially the death by chocolate. Toffutti is good too; however, I usually only get the ice cream sandwhiches by them.

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                tofutti has good ice cream sandwiches (in several flavors now) and also a "marry me" bar which I think tastes much like a dove bar. VERY yummy. The soy decadent brand of soy ice cream has many tasty flavors, it is by far my favorite of the non-dairy brands.

          2. Have some raw milk just before eating the ice cream?

            "Lactose intolerant consumers can eat raw milk because lactase producing bacteria are present."

            Link: http://www.organicpastures.com/health...

            1. The Breyers Lactose Free ONLY comes in vanilla and it's infinitely preferable to the soy and rice dream type desserts, which taste nothing like ice cream (although the Tofutti Cuties ice cream sandwiches are pretty close to a real ice cream sandwich. Except they're teeny tiny and you asked for an ice cream sundae-worthy dish.). I use Lactaid if I really need a fix or get by with the Breyers and fresh fruit. Another option is to consider a sorbet instead of an ice cream. One more idea that I just picked up at Whole Foods but have yet to try is an ice cream based on goat's milk. I purchased the molasses spongecake, although I deeply pondered the blackberry cabernet ice cream. For me, goat's milk is digestible, so I'm curious to see how the ice cream is.

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                Morton the Mousse

                Goat milk and Sheep milk do not contain Lactose. They are fine for the lactose intolerant, but no good for those with dairy allergies. However, as they are low in lactose they are low in sugar and disctinctly less sweet. I'd be curious to hear how the ice cream tastes; I imagine there would have to be a lot of added sugar.

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                  Gee, I don't know about the sheep and goat milk being lactose-free. On the Lactose Intolerance Clearinghouse webpage it isn't said to be so. He says anything under 2% lactose should be okay for those with intolerance. If his figures in the Lactose Zoo are accurate, goat and sheep milk are both over 4%. (Opposum is 3.2% but mink is 2%, FYI!)

                  Link: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepa...

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                    Morton the Mousse

                    Interesting. I guess they're low lactose rather than lactose free. Anecdotally speaking, many of my friends with a lactose intolerance are fine with Goat and Sheep milk. I guess someone with a really severe allergy may have problems. I wonder what mink cheese would taste like...

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                      According to the Laloo goat's milk ice cream website (see link), goat's milk has about 10% less lactose than cow's milk. The specific protein involved in the individual's allergy determines whether goat's milk might be a suitable alternative.

                      I have no problem digesting lactose, but am interested in trying Laloo's. Only problem is that a pint sells for around $7 at my market so I've held back for now. Anyone have first-taste comments on Laloo's? Favorite flavors? I may just buy a qt. of goat's milk at TJ's and experiment w/ homemade versions...

                      Link: http://www.goatmilkicecream.com/healt...

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                        from what i have studied, cooking for health conscious & people w food allergies, & from practical experience, about 90% of people who are lactose intolerant can tolerate goat & sheep's milk, yogurt & cheeses. My friend was so happy to discover chevre I think she ate salads with chevre for 2 weeks straight!

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                          LaLoo goat milk ice cream is to die for. Their Deep Chocolate flavor is better than many reg ice cream chocolate offerings I've tasted (I can only taste them due to my lactose intolerance). I've been able to tolerate this & Green Valley Organics lactose free yogurt.

                2. How about sorbet. Sharon's Sorbet's coconut sorbet is creamy rich, such that you'd be shocked that it's non-dairy.

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                    Also if you have a Thai or SE Asian market nearby, look for dairy-free coconut ice cream.

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                      I will second Sharon's sorbet. The coconut mixed with some of the passionfruit is super yummy! Available at Trader Joes around here.

                    2. At a street fair over the weekend, I was handed a coupon for a soy-ice-cream product, which unfortunately I already mailed to a friend. However, I was trying to Google a search for you, and I think this was it, Purely Decadent.


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                        I think I will try this one out--thanks! Have you tried it before? If so, would you say it tastes good?

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                          No, didn't try it. They were handing out samples, but I was carrying stuff, so I just lugged it home and tossed it in the freezer, and sent the coupon to a friend. I'm more of a super-fatted premium ice-cream type myself. But what do you have to lose? It can't cost more than a few bucks, and they said it was a nationally distributed brand.

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                            The Purely Decadent brand has both a soy-based ice cream and a coconut milk-based product. I greatly prefer the coconut product. I find the soy ice cream can have a funky aftertaste, although the chocolate peanut butter flavor is pretty darn good.

                            I have an allergy to cow's milk which makes my hands break out in a terrible rash. I can tolerate goat's milk and sheep's milk, though. Not sure what in cow's milk is the culprit, although I suspect something in the butterfat as skim milk doesn't give me quite the reaction that, say, half and half or real ice cream does.

                            I can get multiple flavors of the Purely Decadent ice creams at my local supermarket.

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                              I tried the new coconut milk based Purely Decadent line and I LOVE THE ALMOND MOCHA FUDGE FLAVOR. I didn't think I'd like coconut milk based ice cream, but they're really luscious and smooth, like regular ice cream. I still like some soy milk ice cream I guess (anything with chocolate and peanut butter is usually okay with me) but I gotta say, nothing comes between me and my new coconut milk based almond mocha fudge.

                              So awesome for someone lactose intolerant like me. I ate the whole damn carton (it was only a pint). I can only find the almond mocha fudge flavor at Whole Foods, which means it's pricey but damn, it is good. I also kinda like the mint chip (rather light but I like it). I tried most of the other flavors except vanilla and they're pretty good too. Not as calorific as regular ice cream either, so I don't feel (as) bad about eating one or two pints at a time.

                              I also like Coconut Bliss's cappucino flavor, but the texture was a little more icey. However, I did eat the whole thing in front of the store, so maybe I just didn't give it a chance to soften. They have other flavors, but I haven't tried them.

                        2. two suggestions:

                          1) make homemade "ice milk" yourself using Lactaid. i did this for my brother and posted the results on the home cooking board


                          2) make this chocolate sorbet. AMAZING and rich, and i actually reduced the sugar...


                          good luck!!

                          1. What do you guys have against Soy Ice Cream? I eat it all the time when the craving hits! Soy Delicious is the brand of choice.

                            1. I do not know the difference (if any) between ice cream and frozen custurd as related to a lactose intolerant issue. It may depend on how much egg vs. milk etc in the custurd. I do know it makes a great sundae, banana split, or on a cone. To me it taste like a ice cream & frozen Cool-Whip mixture. If your friend likes Cool Whip then frozen custard might work. I can drink lots of milk but my belly hurts after eating even a little ice cream. Eating Frozen Custurd (soft serve or the type that is more like boxed ice crean) leaves me feeling even better than before I ate it. This is true with my whole family. I know frozen custurd is easy to find in the Mid-West and East but not so in the West. Three stands just opened in the Los Angeles area under the name "Lickity Split" and that co. has a web cite.

                              Lickity Split
                              3200 N. Sepulveda Blvd.
                              Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
                              (310) 546-4853


                              1. I'm lactose intolerant and the only thing that comes remotely close to a decadent sundae would be Purely Decadent Soy Delicious Chocolate Obsession, it has chocolate sauce and chocolate flakes mixed in. Super yummy. The Chocolate Almond Brownie flavour is really good too.

                                Tofutti Cuties are great but again, very small. You need at least 3 of them to satisfy a sundae craving. There's chocolate mint, mocha, vanilla and chocolate flavours.

                                Not sure where you're located but if your friend is craving pudding, the President's Choice Too Good to Be True Chocolate Soy Pudding in Canada is the best.

                                If you're in Toronto, the best place to go is La Paloma, this great gelateria makes the best chocolate soy gelato. They also have hazelnut too. I'm trying to get them to make pistacho. I will travel miles out of my way to get a cup/cone there or bring home a container.

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                                  If you want to order in units of 5 or 10L they may be able to make you a custom order - call in the morning when they're making it fresh and they'll let you know if it's possible and how much it'll cost. 416-656-9900

                                  Link: http://www.lapaloma.ca

                                2. so i had an ice cream craving but because i can't eat regular ice cream too often since i also have lactose intolerance. so i reluctantly tried this one ice cream called soy cream by double rainbow. I tried the cherry chip flavor and it was great! it tastes like a lower fat cherries garcia. i am not one to oversell the soy stuff either.

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                                    There's also Rice Dream "ice cream" which is less soy-y (pronounced "soy-ee") than soy products. I used to love it when I was a vegan.

                                    Web site:


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                                      If the soy cream by double rainbow is completely lactose free, I have had a pistachio and a chocolate one and they were excellent. I don't normally eat mass produced soy products so have no idea whether this is unusual.

                                      1. re: wally

                                        since i haven't been sick after eating it, i think it must be lactose free. this stuff is great. i haven't been a fan of a bunch of other rice and soy ice cream products because i judge everything by the ben & jerry's standard. i love cherries garcia but i have to say that the soy cream cherry chip has more cherries so i like it better but the chips aren't fudgey like the ones in cherries garcia but kind of grainy. still, i would definitely buy this again since it doesn't make me sick and i am stressed so i need some kind of ice cream.

                                    2. I LOVE soy and rice ice creams! Purely decadent is one of the best and most common brands, most resembling normal ice cream and with lots of fun flavors. If you can get Chicago Soy Dairy/Temptations ice cream it's GREAT. Higher fat content in the soy milk than other milk replacements, and therefore a creamier texture. I especially recommend their Mint chocolate chip, it's got little flecks of peppermint leaves in it. MMMM now i want some myself!!

                                      I also eat the Rice Dream ice creams, as they usually have only non-sugar sweetners. There's a Celestial Seasonings Rice Dream line that's really really good. Its texture resembles more of an ice milk than cream, but it's still really really good.

                                      Basically, I'm fairly indiscriminate, I love all ice creams, dairy and non. I think they're all great! But i definitely would inhale a pint of Temptations or Purely Decadent in preference to many true ice creams.

                                      1. Try frozen CoolWhip. It's non-dairy and now it comes in regular, Chocolate or Strawberry. It's actually really good.

                                        1. If there's a kosher market in your area, try the Pareve ice cream. I usually eat regular dairy ice cream but I've eaten the pareve and it's not bad. I wouldn't turn it down.

                                          1. I like the raw milk idea (but I'm a raw milk drinker who can't digest pasteurized milk). Why not make an uncooked raw milk ice cream? I know that some types don't require eggs, so if you don't boil the milk, you should be fine.

                                            I like the Double Rainbow soy ice cream well enough. And coconut milk ice creams can be very nice. I've had fun making a sorbet type concoction with coconut cream (yep, the stuff in pina coladas) and pineapple juice.

                                            1. I concur. Im lactose intolerant (or so they tell me) and I eat milk products all the time. Just take lactaid. I forget a lot of the time also and it doesn't seem to hurt me.

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                                                It depends on what you're having too. I don't really take lactaid that often because I know that I can eat a certain amount of specific foods and be fine. Other foods can cause real problems, but ice cream is not particularly bad in the higher fat varieties. Low-fat ice cream is more likely to cause issues and frozen custard makes me sick for a day even with a child-sized scoop.