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Aug 26, 2005 03:18 PM

Flannel Cakes - hunh?

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Okay, maybe I've lead a cloistered life. I didn't really think so, but here I am, 58 years old, and I've never been served a flannel cake. I'm reading a book and the characters are in a pancake joint, waxing rhapsodic about flannel cakes. So I'd like to know: how they are different from plain old pancakes? Or flapjacks? Or is it just a case of different locale - different terminology, like hoagies and subs?

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  1. Do you mean funnel cakes?

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    1. re: Karl S.

      "Do you mean funnel cakes?"

      No, really. Flannel cakes. I've been to enough festivals and fairs to know what funnel cakes are.

    2. My daughter had flannel cakes at the Hollywood classic Musso and Frank's, and the only difference I noticed was that they were thinner (like the thickness of a piece of heavy flannel) than regular pancakes. She said they didn't taste any different than other pancakes.

      1. Evidently no difference except in terminology.


        1. try this... sounds like a pancake made with corn meal... could be tasty. :)

          1. In between a crepe and a pancake. Like Swedish or German pancakes.

            There's no corn, that I know of, in flannel cakes.