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Aug 10, 2005 12:37 PM

Tea party for 5 year-olds--what to serve?

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I owe my 5 year-old a tea party with two of her closest friends. My problem is that I'm not sure what traditional tea items would really work for the kids.

I could do PB&J or tuna finger sandwiches, but it seems like cheating. I can't really test on my own 5 year-old, because she eats a much wider variety of foods than the two guests.

Am I stuck with using familiar ingredients in fancy shapes, or has someone out there found other tea items that work for kids who are of the chicken nugget cuisine set?

I'll use a sweetened fruit tea for the kids, with pink lemonade as a backup.

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  1. sounds like fun... I would think that the fancy shapes would go a long way... you can always cut out sandwiches with cookie cutters. you can always slip in a few cucumber sandwiches in with the peanut butter and jelly. this wouldn't be a big committment of ingredients... and you can always enjoy the leftovers with proper tea. also, an assortment of tea biscuits or scones with jam.. and maybe clotted (or whipped) cream might go over well.

    my niece loves to have tea parties (though still just pretend tea with goldfish crackers). I can't wait until she is older. :)

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      Amuse Bouches

      I fondly remember my own five year old tea parties. Cream cheese and jelly sandwiches in familiar shapes are a big hit - cream cheese can also be mixed with multiple ingredients -- mashed or pureed strawberries come to mind, that make good tea sandwiches. Small sweet scones could be good, and cinnamon toast. Fruit and whipped cream, meringues, egg salad sandwiches, macaroons, etc.

      1. A very traditional tea is composed of finger sandwiches, followed by scones and biscuits, and finally small cakes or a tart. I would avoid PB&J if you're aiming for traditional as tea foods are usually quite "regular" and easy to eat.

        Some things you can do are:

        Herb cream cheese sandwiches. You could add cucumber or cress. Actually anything with cream cheese will work in a tea sandwich. I've had chopped walnuts and honey, apples and cinnamon, and cheddar and chutney.

        Chicken salad or egg salad sandwiches on a dark bread (or chicken mayonnaise and egg mayonnaise as they're called in England).

        Vegetable pate or anything you can spread on bread and roll and slice to make spiral sandwiches.

        Scones with cream and jam. Mini butter cookies.

        Fruit tarts.

        If there is enough time, you can include the menu with the invitations so there won't be any surprises for the more finicky eaters.

        And if all else fails, PB&J minis cut with cookie cutters.

        Good luck!!

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          i am a big supporter of the sentiment of cream cheese/honey/walnut sandwiches.

          as well as egg mayonnaise. also, why not use an english white cheddar with some mango chutney? even grill them and then cut into the traditional tea triangles.

          also wyler's makes a green tea with peach "tea" thing which is very kid friendly and very tasty.

          this sounds like a lot of fun.

          1. there are many good nutritional foods to serve-
            manners, etc can be introduced as well-
            u may want to also psost this msg on yahoo goup teamail for more info on tea parties for kids