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Aug 9, 2005 03:37 PM

No more Trader Joe's Curry Chick Peas

  • j

I went last weekend to pick up my monthly supply and was told they have been discontinued.

They were actually, the "one of the poorest selling items".

OK, they may not have been as good as real Indian food, but when you want a quick meal after work I thought they were quite good (I usually doctored them up with onions, shrimp, chorizo and more hot chile powder).

Am I the only one who liked 'em?

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  1. g

    Me too! I noticed this on my last visit and was hoping it was just temporary. I had only enjoyed one can but was going to become a regular purchaser.

    Let's think "silver lining" and find something else at TJ's just as satisfying, eh?

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    1. re: GreenStreetThrill

      Out of curiosity, I purchsed a can not too long ago and finally got around to opening it up and tasting it! It was so awesome that I wanted to get more for myself and to introduce it to my family and friends. I went back and saw that it wasn't there. That's too bad...I would have been a consumer of that product and a promoter of it had I known about the product earlier!

      1. re: GreenStreetThrill

        If something isn't there, look for the shelf tag. If the shelf tag is gone the product has probably been discontinued. If the shelf tag is still there, there's a chance it's just out of stock. At some stores an upside down shelf tag means more has been ordered.

      2. I would find an Indian grocery store... They have some really good canned food. One that I like is Matar Paneer... curried peas with cottage chese in medium hot sauce. Brand name is Ashoka.

        1. Oh no, I loved them too, and was a cheerleader for them on this board...Guess I didn't stir up enough spirit! They made a wonderful Indian influenced hummus, oddly enough, if you DRAINED the sauce....


          1. I'm a big fan of adding their "Summer Simmer Sauce" or the "Masaman Curry Sauce" to their regular chickpeas (in the yellow and black cans) and serving over jasmine rice. Also pretty easy to doctor w/chicken, onions or potatoes.

            1. j
              Jersey City Mods

              All good suggestions...