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Aug 7, 2005 03:58 AM

Mexican condiment with carrots, onions, oregano?

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I'm sorry. I asked this before but I can't find it. What is this condiment called? It is pickled carrots and onions with oregano. It sometimes comes with tacos.

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    Melanie Wong

    Zanahorias en escabeche?

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Is that an all encompassing term, or just for a cooked condiment? We get a jalapeno, onion, cilantro, carrot mix around here, (oregon) but it is just marinated in vinegar, nothing more done than mixing it up. I always pegged it as a west coast thing, as it is more common
      out this way, at least in my observation.

      1. re: pepperann
        janet of reno

        I don't know about it being a west coast thing....I first encountered it in Mexico City, where it is commonly served, especially in taquerias. It was usually just called zanahorias en escabeche (pickled carrots) although if you asked for "zanahorias" ("carrots") the waiter would know what you wanted....

        1. re: janet of reno

          Thanks. I suppose I meant in the US I've mainly encountered it in the Far West.

          1. re: pepperann

            I'd bet it's pretty common in any area with a sizable mexican population. It's on the table at many taquerias around chicago.

            At home, we often make up batches and keep some on hand with our excess peppers from the garden, using Diana Kennedy's recipe (btw a number of her books can be searched by keyword at amazon, if you are looking for particular recipes)

            1. re: zim

              Most of the time, we make our own... However, they are SO popular that you can buy BIG cans of just the sliced carrots from the big mexican brands as well... I've even seen it sold at fancy delis as "Spicy Carrot Salad" LOL! I love them too! :)


    2. Sounds like Salvadoran curtido without the cabbage...

      1. Even though there are carrots, onions and other vegetables besides whole chiles in this condiment, I've most often seen recipes for it called Jalapenos en Escabeche.


        1. On the west coast, its usually called Escabeche. Or sometimes, JalapeƱos in escabeche. Generic Mexican term for 'pickled'. Its easy to make yerself. Standard refrigerator pickle proportions of vinegar, salt and water. Cook the carrots for a few minutes before adding the onion and be sure to use mexican oregano. I throw in a few slivered hot chiles with the veins and seeds left on for heat and a little olive oil for extra body. It takes a few tries to get the carrots perfectly done.

          1. I replicated the little salad that comes with pupusas - which your query kinda sounds like:
            Grate carrots, shred cabbage, and slice onions as thinly as possible.
            Salt liberally, mix well, and place in container. Refrigerate over night.
            drain and rinse very well under running water, drain well.
            Add a vinegary olive oil vinagrette.
            Bruise dried oregano and add.
            This keeps well about a week.

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            1. re: Niki

              Nope, it's not curtido, it's the other think Melanie mentioned. The carrots are sliced, not shredded. No cabbage. Usually just onions, sometimes peppers. Almost all the taco places in San Diego had this. Don't see it that often in NoCal. However, except for little taco flings, I don't eat tacos that often. Thanks for the thought though.