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Aug 6, 2005 05:45 PM

Bacon Grease Anyone?

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I love to cook with bacon grease, but as I'm sure anyone that agrees with me knows, its a pain to get it... especially if you're not a huge bacon fan. Is bacon grease comercially available anywhere? You can buy everything else in the supermarket it seems you should be able to get it too. If anyone has ever seen any please let me know. I'd love to just buy a case and save the headache. Thanks.

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  1. WVM, I don't know about commercially available bacon grease, but you can buy goose fat in jars at gourmet shops. Goose fat takes the benefits and cooking flavors of bacon grease to the next level. (I think it will also substitute for tanning oil in a pinch.)

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      Michael Rodriguez

      Whatever goose fat can do duck fat can do better. Besides, ducks are more available than geese. (I live in an Asian nieghborhood. If one lives in Alsace perhaps geese are easier to find.) Duck fat makes everything better. Everything. Try frying potatoes in duck fat, or scrambling eggs in duck fat, or wiping a little duck fat on toast. Or brushing your teeth .... You get the idea.

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        Why choose? Try cooking with Duck *bacon* grease!

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        I'd be afraid of being chased by wolves and foxes if I used it as a tanning oil.

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        Wayne Keyser

        How about Salt pork (fatback?)

        1. why not lard mixed with saved drippings?

          1. Go to any deli and tell them you need some bacon grease. They can give you gallons of it, and be happy because they usually have to pay to get rid of grease. Maybe offer them a couple of bucks?

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              That's a clever suggestion. In my great-grandmother's home ca 1930's and 1940's a tin can was kept on the stove to receive and collect bacon grease, which was used to saute EVERYTHING and was added as flavoring to vegetables, cornbread batter, etc.. Mostly now I avoid it for health reasons but when I have wanted it I find that bacon nowadays doesn't seem to produce as much grease. Has anyone else noticed this? I guess it's related to pork in general being so much more lean now.

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                Well, I have an old mayonnaise jar 3/4 full of bacon grease in the fridge. Collected to dispose of in the garbage, rather than pouring it down the sink.

                The San Francisco area finds restaurant dumping of grease into the sewers very problematic. So the idea of asking if you can take it off restauranteurs' hands is a good suggestion.

                I read an article once about environmentalists installing a second fuel area in their diesels that can run on grease. One said sometimes the car would get a little bacon smelly, but found it a pleasant odor.

            2. Burger's Smokehouse ( sells a product called "Country Skillet Seasoning" that's basically bacon grease, with perhaps some ham grease added.