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Costco vanilla - is it too large?

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I saw Costco has large bottle of vanilla for really cheap. But it's so huge, I'm concerned it might 'go bad' before I can use it all up.

I'm not concerned with super quality, I just want some affordable vanilla. I believe the brand they carry is McKormic, which is usually what I get from Safeway anyways.


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  1. Not sure what you're getting but Costco.ca sold their store brand of pure vanilla for peanuts--the artificial was even cheaper.Mine kept forever in a cool dark cupboard.It goes surprisingly fast if you're cranking out desserts or cookies for ravenous kids.

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      I say go for it. Even if some of it goes bad, you'll have saved money. The only time I noticed my vanilla going "bad" was when I had some Safeway brand vanilla that was over two years old and did a side by side comparison with a new bottle of Nielsen-Massey that I bought from Williams-Sonoma. Though I'd never noticed, the Safeway bottle smelled distinctly of alcohol. It could just be a case of comparing a terrible product with a quality one, though.

      Also, when you have a lot of vanilla on hand, you'll start using it in ways you might have previously considered wasteful: an extra teaspoon in each recipe, in pancakes, coffee, tea, etc. Have fun!

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        In the UK it's McCormick's. Only. The price of vanilla has been high due to bad crops, has it dropped?

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          Yes...vanilla prices have eased somewhat.

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        If it's real vanilla extract, it's about as high proof as most booze. Keep it closed, not hot, and out of strong light and it'll be fine

      3. A definate winner. I use it up so quickly and I am very pleased with the quality.

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          I don't think it's McCormick here anymore. The price has gone down a lot. At the Fancy Food Show, I heard the manufacturer of the Costco brand (geez, the name escapes me) say that the price of vanilla has gone down 50% in the past year. I heard there was a year of bad weather.

          My stbx used to go through vanilla like water. So I'd use a bunch of it. You can always make puddings! Ice cream. In general, I've heard that it's not unwise to double the vanilla in any recipe for more flavor.

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            I thought KIRKLAND was the Costco brand? I don't know who makes it; probably a leading vanilla extract company type thingy.


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            Have several friends go together and split the vanilla and share the price.

            1. For home use, I usually buy a quart of Madagascar vanilla a year, and the last drops are still fine!

              1. If you can get to a store that carries foodstuffs imported from Mexico, try some mexican vanilla, 1/2 liter and 1 liter sizes. It's cheap and much better than the run of the mill vanilla(pure) sold in american stores.

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                  I was intersted in stocking up on vanilla in Mexico. I had put a post about it on the international board and had many responses. People warned me about toxins in mexican vanilla. so i wanted to pass on the information. The toxin is called coumarin.

                  Link: http://www.straightdope.com/columns/0...

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                    I bought a big bottle of vanilla in Mexico and, after using it a few times, retired it to the back of the cupboard. It had a funny, chocolatey-cinnamony taste that was not vanilla-y at all. Definitely something wrong there.

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                      I had exactly the same thing. It definitely didn't taste or smell like normal vanilla. I still have most of the large bottle left and occasionally I'll throw a glug of it into a pot of boiling water if I want to do some air freshening. But even then, it's not a vanilla scent. Chocolatey-cinnamony describes it perfectly. And not in a particularly good way either.

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                        About a year ago I heard, there were some warnings about dangerous ingredients in some Mexican vanillas. Maybe someone can remember and fill in the blanks.

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                          I think it was some sort of additive - don't remember the name. But I suspect that wasn't the problem with the nasty Mexican vanilla I bought (like an idiot at the airport what was I thinking). I think it was just nasty vanilla.