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Jul 31, 2005 09:06 PM

seeking Chock Full O'Nuts recipe

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Chock Full O' Nuts was a NYC restaurant chain that was in business for many years, and went out of business probably around 1975, maybe earler.

Chock Full sold some amazingly tasty sandwiches--and at modest prices.

I'm looking for a recipe for Chock Full's shrimp Salad sandwich, and for any other salad sandwiches it sold. I've never figured out what it did to make them taste so good; one thing I know the company did *not* do was to load them up with mayo.

Chock Full also made the best (Manhattan) clam chowder I ever tasted.

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  1. I still think about Chock Full's shrimp and ham salad sandwiches too but am clueless about what went into them. Does anybody out there know?

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      Are you sure about ham salad? I have a pretty good memory, and tho I remember tuna salad & egg salad, I definitely do not remember ham salad. Also, years earlier, perhaps circa 1959 or so, Chock Full actually sold lobster salad sandwiches!

      1. re: Howard-2

        I am absolutely sure that I ate ham salad sandwiches at the Chock Full on Bway near 40th St. in the mid 1970s. They weren't on the regular menu but were "specials" from time to time. Loved the beef (barley?) soup too.

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      1. Yes, there are Chock Full O'Nuts cafes. They still sell the date nut and cream cheese sandwiches. Here is the link to the corporate website with locations.

        It was bought by Sarah Lee, so if they don't serve the sandwich, maybe they can get the recipe. In fact, you might give them an idea to publish a Chock Full O'Nuts cookbook at their fancy Starbucks-esque looking shops.

        They don't list the one in Southhampton which seems like a throwback with wrinkles and no facelift. You might give them a call.

        And, if you want the date nut bread recipe

        Sigh. If only Horn and Hardart would make a come back. The finest restaurant I ever saw when I was five years old. What a fast food concept.


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          The one in Southampton has been there for a couple of years now, longer than anyone else stayed open on that site. But my impression is it's mostly coffee with maybe some muffins or whatever (sorry I've never been inside, even though I always liked their coffee when I was younger).

        2. I just emailed them asking if the recipe still is around. I remember my Grandmother taking me to the one across from Yankee Stadium. 40 years later, I am still trying to recreate that sandwich.

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          1. re: normalheightsfoodie

            I doubt you'll get a response. All of their restaurants have been closed for years and have been sold. Their consumer products (i.e. coffee) are run by another company.

          2. I worked in Manhattan on 5th Avenue in the 1960's and had lunch at Chock Full O' Nuts just about every day, my favorite sandwich was the chicken salad, I've been looking for the recipe for decades but haven't found it yet, anyone have any idea where I can find this recipe? Thanks!!