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Jul 28, 2005 03:28 PM

Firkin english pubs?

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I just read that this Canadian-based chain of english pubs is going to invade Northern Virginia, with the first two outposts slated for Dulles Airport and South Riding.

Anyone know anything about these places? How is the fish and chips?

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  1. They vary ... from mediocre to terrible, in Toronto at least. Expect lots of fake pub charm, passable food and a predictable beer selection.

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    1. re: Dukeofyork

      Unfortunate choice of names then, eh? I thought the post was a typo and going to be a comment on English pubs.

      1. re: rworange

        Thats funny. My eyes were playing tricks on me too!

    2. Funny how they name the place Firkin's and if you ask anyone in the place what a firkin is, they will have no clue. Not one beer engine or cask beer in the place either.

      Marketing trumps substance once again.

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      1. re: rl

        What is a "firkin"?

        1. re: 2chez mike

          According to an article on their website (link below) a firkin is a unit of capacity equal to one quarter of a barrel.


          1. re: 2chez mike

            Check out the link for a definition and how it relates to beer. The Firkin chains we see in the US have no clue.


          2. re: rl

            I used to work for the 'Flower and Firkin' in Kew, London over 10 years ago. Back then the Firkin's were everywhere but i certainly don't remember it being a Canadian chain; it was pretty darn English. And at the one I worked at everyone had to take a master cellars certificate in brewing and casking before they'd let you near a beer tap. I wonder if its the same chain expanded or it got bought out by a Canadaian franchise, anyone know if they're the same or different - hard to believe with a name like this...???

            1. re: aussiewonder

              Hey Aussiewonder. They are completely different chains that have nothing to do with eachother. A Firkin is an English term for a 9 gallon barrel of beer.

              1. re: Pub Lover

                they are a chain of pubs in the UK, all the names start with F, like Fox and Furkin, Frog and Furkin, Flower and Furkin etc. When they first started they were excellent (20 odd years ago maybe more) and there were only a few of them, they are now a chain.

          3. They're pathetic, "theme" joints that typically locate well away from legit pubs in the Toronto area. Food is boring and over-priced.

            1. You can say what you like about the "Firkins" but i actually like the sweet potato fries that the chain serves. While I do have issues with the price of said fries ($5), it is not enough of an issue for me to stop ordering them.

              1. They're alright, as far as chains go. I'd much rather eat there than Kelsey's/ Boston Pizza/ Montana's and the like. Ambiance-wise, I find an effort is made to make each location feel somewhat unique.

                The fish and chips? Frozen and frozen.