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Jul 22, 2005 12:50 PM

pork roll

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Hi Hounds,

I had posted a question re taylor ham the other day.
Was advised by a NJ buddy that it can be had even in Atlanta at Publix. Gotta try it.

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  1. Do. It's good stuff.

    1. Taylor's pork roll is to die for. Great for breakfast or in a sandwich. For the WASPs among us, nothing better than pork roll sandwich on white bread.

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      1. re: oldone

        Or my diner/coffee shop favorite, pork roll and fried egg on a buttered, toasted NJ kaiser roll with ketchup.

      2. Love TPR! We have trouble finding it on the West Coast. Anyone know a source in Oregon, Washington or California? I'm a Philly boy originally, and I grew up eating it for breakfast. Nothing better than grilled TPR! (Do they still have those foil packs that you can use in the toaster?)

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        1. re: daawgon

          Marconda Meat and sometimes Huntington Meats in the (permanent) Los Angeles Farmers' Market carry it. It's not available 100% of the time, but it is, as they say in Teaneck but never about pork, "di emeseh" -- the real McCoy.

          It ain't foil packs, though, it's boxes of slices. Fry it in a pan with some eggs, put it on a hard roll with [yellow] American cheese. (Much harder to find the hard roll -- some Mexican markets have round bolillos that come close.)

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Or fry it in a pan with and put on toast with American cheese. Don't forget to make a couple of small slices around the exterior to stop it from bubbling up when frying.

        2. ive been in florida for 15 years and missed pork roll. ive been eating spam as a poor substitute all this time and just found out that it was always available at publix. i bought 2- 1 lb rolls and ate it everyday until they were gone.

          1. so what's in a pork roll?

            -west coaster