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Jul 19, 2005 03:52 PM

Stinkin Bishop Cheese

  • j

My favorite cheese is Stinkin Bishop from England, but is not always available.Have tried Munster, Epoisse, Livorot, Tallegio, but looking for more cheeses like this that are stinking and runny.

Any suggestions??

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  1. Alsatian muenster?

    Yummy, but smells like socks found at the bottom of a high school gym locker.

    A gym with no A/C.

    In a humid place like Florida or DC.

    At the end of the summer.

    Just before they clean out the lockers for the new school year.

    Right next to an old pair of Chuck Taylor's that everyone is afraid to throw away as they would have to actually touch them.

    1. Borseault from France. Wonderful sitnky cheese from France, A triple creme too. You want it dead ripe of course and it is terrific on wheatmeal biscuits.

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      1. re: Candy

        That's boursault (boor-so), great cheese, but it was even better before Boursin bought it. The only place I can find it now is at They also feature a link to "All Stinky cheeses".

        1. re: ko

          Thank you for the site What a great site for any cheese lover.

          Were you happy dealing with them?

          1. re: Jean

            I've used them a lot and never had a problem. I often send my Mom gifts from there and she can be a little, ummm, difficult. She complained about some cheese which was fine, and they shipped her something comparable to compensate. Besides cheese, I highly recommend the fleur de sel they feature and the authentic French escargot. Oh, and the Devon double cream butter!

          2. re: ko

            I can buy it at Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati and at a cheese shop in Indianapolis. At Jungle Jim's it is just in the imported cheeses and I can sniff and check the dates, at the cheese shop I have to ask to do that. Time was we used to get it in Montreal and it was quite fresh and you had to wait for it to age. Wonderful stuff.

        2. there is alway limburger.......smeared on rye bread with thin slices of sweet onion.... a dab of mustard if you like.

          1. I have never had a problem finding sticking bishop. It is my fave as well and I have yet to find a decent substitute. Lucky for me I never really have any problems finding it. Our local whole foods always have in stock as well as 2 specialty places: Formaggio's and The Fruit Center.

            1. On monday I had the chance to visit Miki's, a new grocer in Palo Alto, CA, that has a lovely cheese department. The cheesemonger's name is Shannon, and she most recently worked for Cowgirl in SF's Ferry Building and before that with D&D and other posts on both coasts.

              I was fondling a hunk of Stinking Bishop, as it's one I'd not tried before. When I commented that I'd get a piece for a special occasion when I could justify spending that much money, she suggested that I taste it since I was there. Even at refrigerator cold temperature, the moist rind was pretty smelly. The paste on this one was springy but not oozing and much milder than the scent. The flavor hit on the front of the palate and did not bloom much further back.



              Stinking Bishop officially Britain's smelliest cheese