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Jul 19, 2005 02:09 PM

organic food

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I heard that there was a service that delivers organic food to your house somewhere in Illinois. Does anyone know about it? Do you have to live in Chicago to get it? Does anyone know their name? Thanks in advance, as I'd really like to find this co.

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  1. You might enquire about joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), which is essentially where you buy a share in a farm and receive produce from that farm according to how many shares you have purchased.

    In general, CSAs tend to be organic (some are certified, some are not) and convenient (some deliver, some don't, but you get a box prepacked with your take).

    They also grow a large variety of food, so you will get fresh, seasonal produce depending on the weather and farming seasons where you live.

    Typically CSAs are a 22-week deal, and they cost anywhere from $250 to $500 for that 22 weeks, though prices may have gone up since I last was part of one.

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      Thanks, but I've checked out CSAs. It looks like if tomatoes are in season, you get tomatoes...lots and lots of tomatoes. Ditto zucchini, etc. I overheard a conversation about a co. that delivers boxes of organic food to your home. My recollection is that you get a variety of items, not just one or two...anyway...if anyone has heard of this elusive bunch, please let me know.

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        i'd only point out that the environmental impact of transporting organic food can often offset any go local if you can!

    2. I just visited Illinois (Champagin-Urbana) and found evidence of a fairly robust farmer's market/Slow Food/CSA groups.

      I have several friends in LA who have joined a CSA and are quite happy with it. They all have children and they like the supply of quality food without the shopping.

      One organization is below:


      1. THANKS! everyone! I'll look into all our suggestions.