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Jul 12, 2005 02:33 PM

Del Taco's Fish Tacos

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Is anyone else addicted to these things, or is it just me? I can't get enough of them-the crispy, battered fish is so good. I'm not normally a chain-restaurant person, but the fish tacos from my local Del Taco are better that most any other fish tacos I've had in Southern California, non-chains and chains alike.

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  1. j
    JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

    I used to grab Del Taco every now and again, but after noticing the restrooms at the ones around AZ were consistently very dirty, that got me to stop cold turkey.


    1. Inspired by your post, I located one of the few Norte Del Tacos, and shot by after work. Two tacos later, and yes, they're some kind of comfort food. Small soft corn tortillas, filled with vaguely fish-flavored crispy things, liberally garnished with fresh shredded cabbage and a chunky tomato relish; the flavors balance out pretty well, and there's enough heat in the relish to leave you with a nice tingle. At $1.69 each, two tacos make a good light dinner.

      For locations near you (or not), Google on "del taco". For another viewpoint, link below.


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      1. re: Shep

        Yes, I was pleasantly surprised for fast food, after my husband raved and raved about how good they are. Two fish tacos and some fries-gotta love it.

        1. re: Samantha

          And you're not the only one. The drive-thru line here easily rivalled In&Out.

          1. re: Samantha

            And you're not the only one. The drive-thru line here easily rivalled In&Out.

          2. re: Shep

            Just curious as to what, exactly, a "NORTE" Del Taco is? Googling brought up a piece on a franchiser in Texas, called Tacos del Norte, but otherwise ????????

            1. re: Midlife

              I think he is referring to Northern California as opposed to Southern California. There are a lot more Del Tacos in Southern California. Look at the list of cities.

              1. re: wally

                There are only three or four in the Bay Area, maybe one or two elsewhere up north.

          3. How would you say they compare to Rubio's?

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            1. re: katya

              A hundred times better. Not a fan of Rubio's fish tacos-the fish is too limp/soggy for me. Don't know what Del Taco did, but what they batter the fish in is really what makes the taco.

            2. I just tried Del Taco for the first time and ordered the fish tacos. Initial bites tasted good, but I noticed there was little fish and a lot of batter. Along with the fish came a huge pile of cabbage, and a scarce amount of tomatoes, and an anemic lime slice. I was thinking it about equalled Rubio's when I realized Del Taco had no spicy component and needed some salsa on that taco. Later when I looked at the fish taco poster I realized those tomatoes were the salsa! They just didn't include the onions that would make it a salsa fresca. Overall, they were good. I'd get them again.

              I didn't like that they charge $1.79 for chips and salsa, and 59 cents for salsa. I found that troubling. My feeling is that a small amount of chips should come with your order and there should be a salsa bar. To cover it charge a little extra for the taco, but really, $1.79?

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              1. re: katya

                Well, Del Taco is not Rubio's or Baja Fresh. It's based on typical fast food model, and besides El Pollo Loco, I'm not sure of many real fast food places, with drive-throughs, that offer a condiment bar.

                And for future reference, I typically order a small french fry w/my fish taco. I love the combination.

              2. Does anyone know the nutritional info on them? That info is not on the Del Taco website. I love them but am anxious to know what damage they are doing to my waist. I checked out Dottie's Weight Loss Zone but no data there either.

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                1. re: JS

                  Check it out. One a them bad cats gives you 25% your daily requirement of FAT. That's why they're tasty. I want a couple NOW.