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whats the best supermarket hot dog brand ?

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Is there anything better than nathan's famous franks?

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  1. We like "BallPark" franks and second would be "Carolina Pride"; both all beef and bun length.

    1. We like Hebrew National and Boar's Head brands.

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        I second boars head. Very flavorful juicy meat with a great natural casing... I have them in my fridge at all times! :)


      2. I like Esskay Beef Hotdogs for a super market brand and there are some local places in Baltimore that make their own with natural casings that are much better (but more expensive)

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          JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

          Niman Ranch franks.

          The ones out of the local upscale supermarket's butcher case are pure heaven, though.

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            Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Just had my first Niman Ranch dog experience last weekend. I couldn't stop raving about them.

            The only thing is-- they're HUGE! They're almost as thick as a brat. One was more than enough for me.

          2. People say Ralph's Private Selection brand, in California, are good.

            I always enjoy a hot dog much more when I get it at a stand.

            1. Sabrette's in our local HEB in Texas comes close. A lot of NYC pushcarts sell them. HEB also has in store baked high quality hot dog buns for 1.49 a pack.

              1. 1) Boar's Head w/ natural casing
                2) Nathan's Famous w/ natural casing
                3) Try your local butcher

                1. Oh yeah, Usinger's and Thurman's. Both have natural casings and plump up and get juicy. There is a good crisp snap when you bite into one. Not cheap and worth every penny.

                  1. 1) Hebrew National
                    2) Ball Park beef dogs

                    1. Up until this past weekend, I would have said that Hebrew Nat'l was my favorite brand. However, they must have been sold out at the market and we had to buy Boars Head with Natural Casings. Absolutely great, with a nice snap and excellent seasoning. They're a little bit skinnier than the Hebrew Nationals that I'm used to, but way better in taste and texture.

                      P.S. - I thought I had responded to this post earlier today, but don't see it in the thread, so I'm re-responding. Sorry if this ends up being a duplication.

                      1. For us, it's a tie between Nathan's in Natural Casings and Boar's Head...I don't cook dogs too often, but had a killer urge for Black n' Blue burger (burger dipped in fresh coarsely ground black pepper, grilled and then topped with blue cheese) this past Friday night so I also bought a package of Nathan's to throw on the grill (they MUST be grilled for us, too!)...well, you should have seen those dogs gobbled up. Sometimes, ya just gotta have it!

                        1. I live in New Jersey and the best beef and pork dog is Thumann's. The only dogs in this style that come close are made in German or German/Polish butcher shops. Near me, the Union Pork Store makes a great German frank. Liehs and Steigerwald of Syracuse also makes a great German style frank as does Karl Ehmer.

                          The best kosher style all beef franks available are Usinger's and Best's. Unfortunately, Usinger's isn't available in Jersey, except for the larger, skinless, low fat version available at Stop & Shop in Madison. And Best's franks in the supermarket are skinless. You must go the factory in Newark if you want the natural casing dogs. I do, and get the long 5 to a lb dog. These are the ones served at Syd's in Union. There is no finer all beef dog in my opinion. As far as the best natural casing all beef dogs that are available at many supermarkets, I would recommend Sabrett, Nathan's, and Boars Head. All available in natural casing if you look hard enough.

                          For a beef and pork dog, other than Thumann's, Shickhaus is a pretty good choice and is available in a lot of supermarkets. I've heard that the Windmill is also selling their dogs in supermarkets now.

                          1. Hebrew National is the only dog in my supermarket that isn't skinless so that's what I buy. Not a huge choice, obviously.

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                              Aren't Hebrew National dogs skinless (no natural casing) to keep kosher? I don't remember ever having a dog with an artificial casing...

                            2. In the Bay, Caspers the hot dog chain sells their own dogs through some supermarkets. Not the Gourmet Dog, but satisfyingly seasoned and with a nice pop to the skin, just fine when you can't make it to your local Caspers. Better steamed than grilled or fried, I think.

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                                Karl Ehmer's own hot dogs are great. Maybe you can only get from their stores. Worth it though. Steam in beer, Eat it with hard roll, use real grainy german mustard. If you make kraut for it, add a touch of brown sugar and a fist full of caraway seeds (The Germans say it reduces gas.). Drink real beer with them. Invade Poland!

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                                In eastern North Carolina, Carolina Packers "Bright Leaf" brand has been a staple for years. Red in color, they have a subtle spicy flavor. A very good hot dog, esp. fried, and placed into a bun with chili and mustard!
                                To order, visit www.carolinapackers.com

                                1. Usinger's and Kohl's (MI and WS only). Boars Head and Wiegel's are pretty good, as are Sabrett's.