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Jun 30, 2005 08:20 PM

what's the most unusual thing you've eaten?

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and I don't mean on a dare! :-)

I'm a standard fare road chow-er.

No ant eggs, sweetbreads, intestines or brains for me.

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  1. Sheep's eyeballs.

    Not that weird, it turned out.

    1. McDonald's McRib Sandwich. What IS that meat? And yet, I crave it.

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      1. re: rworange

        I dont get that sammie.

        They make it look like it has bones in it.

      2. Duck "Rocky Mountain Oysters"... were from a large duck; can't remember if it was a Moulard, Muscovy or what but these things were about the size of Vienna Sausages. I had to try them; they weren't bad.

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        1. re: RWCFoodie

          I've tried Bradshaw Mountain Oysters - mountain goat testicles. Not bad with some BBQ sauce.

        2. Dammit that I grew up in Louisiana....alligator, squirrel, turtle, possum, rattlesnake, rabbit's not really weird, but man I love paneed rabbit.

          I don't miss most of it much. Turtle soup, yum with sherry, to die for.

          1. Olm, My philosophy of eating (especially related to travel) is, if "they" eat it, so should I. I've dined on cold smoked monk fish liver, smoked eel, grilled lamb's kidneys and chile lased menudo. But when it comes to actual taste that wows the senses, nothing compares to "spicy pork intestine" served Seszhwan style. At first taste, it appeared to be "the poor man's Foie Gras"; However, this dish was elevated beyond that. The texture and flavor were incredible. What's more, I instantly realized the cosmic distance between Sweet & Sour pork, Chow Mein & Garlic Chicken to the culinary genius I was experiencing. This meal also allowed me to transition to the tastes Asians adore rather than the mundane offerings provided to the Olive Garden crowd. My suggestion is, if it's the house specialty for "locals", order it.