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Jun 30, 2005 10:40 AM

quality of Omaha steaks

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I received an advertisement for an introductory offer from Omaha Steaks. I think we used to eat these when I was a kid.
I am tempted by the cheap price and the possibility of having many dinners just waiting for me in the freezer. But I don't know about the quality.
There was a brief thread last year about Omaha, but it was mainly about shipping and aging.
Can anyone offer personal experience with the taste? Or an alternative that is reasonably priced?

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  1. The quality, in my experience, is distinctly average. They're not USDA Prime, slthough I suppose they may be more selective in their use of Choice beef than the average grocery store. Unless you are in a remote location, I think you can almost certainly find steaks as good or better cheaper.

    The only thing going for them is that if, as you say, you would like to keep a stash frozen, they are packaged better and (presumably) frozen faster than you will be able to do at home.

    Oh, and the nice reusable styrofoam cooler :).

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    1. re: Chris

      based on my experience with them, i agree.

      1. re: mark

        That is what I needed to know.

        The coupon's in the trash, and I will stock up at the Greenmarket this weekend. Enjoy money well spent.

      2. re: Chris

        I will third Chris' comments. In addition to the only ok quality of the meat, the butchering is pathetic. For this price they should take the time to cut off the silverskin and make sure they are sliced evenly. My last batch had a near whole through one of the steaks. I only eat them because my grandfather, the mail order king, sends them over. I need to get him on some better mailing lists!

        The cooler is nice though and I use it frequently!

      3. I too tried the sample pack. I got better steaks and beef at my local supermarket at 1/2 the price. My husband and I both tasted something "funny" with the steaks. They tasted like there was a tenderizor added to the steaks. Don't waste your money.

        1. Don't waste your money and disappoint your taste buds. I have been gifted with these things a few times, and they are distinctly mediocre, don't even seem like Choice to me, no better than the bogus house "brand" meat in my local supermarket.

          If you are considering any web/mail order meat source, read their material carefully. I have looked in to at lot of these sources, and most of them do not disclose the grade of meat they are trying to foist off as "gourmet". The only purveyors on the Internet that I have found that indicate prime beef are Niman Ranch and Lobel's.

          1. I have not had their product, but I can tell you if you want some quality meat on the cheap, find a good local butcher and get one of their big cow buys.

            It may be half a cow or a 1/4, but they will hook you up with several cuts and large amounts for a really good deal.

            Just ask around and find the best place to shop and they will give you a side of beef for a song.

            1. I've never ordered from them but I know from the pictures the "Free Set of Steak Knives" they sometimes offer are the cheapest you can get. I've seen the exact same set at the 99 Cents Only store. That told me a little something about what their steaks might be like.