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margarita mix

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are there any really good, premade margarita mixes out there?? We are planning a pretty big party and I don't want to make them from scratch, I just want to be able to put a bottle of the mix on the bar, with a blender and tequila, and if anybody wants one they just make it themself..

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  1. This is the shizzle....all other premade mixes suck in comparison.

    Link: http://www.tommysmargarita.com

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      Tommy's is great. However, it seems that often the bottle can be "off" in some manner, which is to say the taste is not consistent. I have taken a couple bottles back to Tower Market in SF, and the wine guy has said that consistency has been a problem. On the plus side, I think Tommy's mix requires a very healthy pour of good, flavorful tequila. A regular pour simply won't be noticed.

    2. We I don't make them by hand, we use Mr. & Mrs. T's Margarita Mix.

      They alos make a top notch Spicy Bloody Mary mix.

      1. I got one from Marshalls/TJ Maxx for about $7.00 that is sold at Williams Sonoma for $14. I don't remember the name but it is pretty good. We prefer to make ours made with frozen concentrated limeade.

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          When you make it from concentrate, do you do anything else? I;ve tried it but it's way too sweet.

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            I use a combo of frozen lemonade and limeade, 2-3 tbls (heaping) of each and add a little club soda and a splash of Gran Marnier or Contreau.

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              Oh OK, I was putting in the whole can!

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                I pretty much just eyeball it, but seems like I get about 4 blenders full using a can of each, i.e. 1/4 of a 12 oz can per blender.

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                  No wonder mine was too intense!

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          Michele Cindy

          I've been using the Bacardi frozen margarita mix. It was one of the only ones that I saw that uses real lime juice. It's not expensive and it was actually better then the expensive one they sell at William & Sonomma.

          1. Not sure if they still sell it, but last summer Williams Sonoma had a delicious Pineapple Margarita Mix.

            1. Cost Plus/World Market stores have a bunch of cocktail mixes for sale, $9 a bottle - can't remember the volume, but a pretty big bottle. We've tried the margarita and the mojito and they're pretty good; they're made from juice and sugar (not corn syrup, so it's not so goopy-tasting). Williams Sonoma's brand is not bad, but pricey, at $14 a bottle. Trader Joe's is also selling a fruit juice/sugar based margarita mix these days for maybe $2 a bottle, but I haven't tried that one yet.

              1. if you'd like to save a little money, just buy sour mix because sour mix and margarita mix are the same thing. in stores a pretty large bottle of sour mix goes for the same price (sometimes cheaper) than a standard size bottle that's labeled "margarita mix" and if you taste them side by side, they are basically the same thing. same goes for "tom collins" mix.

                1. We make A LOT of margaritas at home. Here are my suggestions:

                  1) Don't worry too much about the mix. Everybody has their favorites. I like MR and MRS Ts -- but I'm not hard-over about it. Expensive ones don't taste better than cheap ones.

                  2) (VERY IMPORTANT) Before you mix or blend them, squeeze in about 4 fresh limes. This will give the margaritas a very fresh flavor.

                  3) Use good but not super expensive tequilla.

                  4) Use the saved money to buy the better Triple Sec.

                  The most important thing is squeezing in the fresh limes -- it makes all the difference in the world.


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                    Bacardi frozen margarita mix, I'll have to remember that. Can it be found at supermarkets?

                    You are right on the fresh juice, Adlai. I used some leftover Meyer lemon juice, and they were outstanding.

                    I gave up on the William Sonoma mix - as good as it is, it is outrageously priced. All of the other mixes, from Costco, restaurant supply stores, the Christmas Tree Shop, are dis-gusting.

                  2. I have found that the premade margarita from Las Brisas Margaritas is the best. Its 40 proof, so there is no need to add any extra alcohol to it for flavor. Each bottle has the same wonderful flavor. I am not sure if they sell it in your area, but it wouldn't hurt to ask...or you can visit their website and find out where you can get it: www.lasbrisasmargaritas.com.

                    1. I know this is an old post but thought I would still throw this in. I prefer Margarita in a Bag from Lt. Blenders. They always seem to taste the best in my opinion. http://www.ltblender.com/

                      1. Yes, old post, but hot topic....What IS magarita mix? A real margarita is fresh lime juice, tequila, a little triple sec (or similar). Want it sweeter? Make some simple syrup. It's that easy. Maybe some salt on the rim. Just buy a few limes and enjoy....leave the "mix" to chili's!

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                        1. Not a mix but so easy for parties because the quantities are even. all 12 0z, room temp except the limeade.
                          1 can 7up
                          1can beer(Corona if you like)
                          1 can limeade conc
                          1 can tequila
                          splash of triple sec
                          The beer really rounds it out.

                          1. just to add my 2 cents to an old post. i've tried many margarita mixes, including those horrible florescent green ones. i recently stumbled across one i tried at a festival called Margarita Texas Mix. it actually tastes like a bunch of fresh squeezed limes with simple syrup. easy to use in my margarita machine rather than squeezing tons of limes.
                            link: http://margaritatexas.com/mix

                            1. If you can find Tres Agaves mix in the bottle, it is extremely good. It's kinda grey with sediment in the bottle, so it might set you back, but it is made with real key limes and agave nectar, and I found it (so far) to be my favorite bottled mix. Smooth - not tart and not smelling like a bathroom cleaner. Just smooth and easy to sip with good tequila. Always searching for the best margarita mix... so far, my fav.