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Jun 27, 2005 09:54 AM

Side dish for 75, how much?

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I need an estimate for how much potato salad and cole slaw to make for about 75 people. Someone else is supplying baked beans to go along with the pig we are going to bbq. I normally take a SWAG and end up with a bunch left over, looking to hit the mark a little closer this time. TIA.....

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  1. There are 25 people in my immediate family- including children. When we have a get together, i usually cook about 6-7 pounds of potato salad. Someti;mes I have a bit left over. That would translate into about 20 pounds for 75 people. If you are like me, it's safer to have too many, and send the leftovers home with people. good luck

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      Caterers usually figure on 1/4 lb per person on any side dishes, give or take depending if there are lots more women and children, men will eat more.

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        That makes the 20 pound estimate not too far off!! Although there are more men in my family. But we usually are serving lots of other sides- and it seems to me that people are eating smaller servings of carbs. I know I cook less rice, pasta or mashed potates when I am feeding a grouo. The only exception is on Thanksgiving, where any rules- be they carbs, sweets or portion size- are put on hold for the day!

    2. My catering chart (used for a large group picnic) suggests 3/4 cup per person of salads such as potato and cole slaw, but also baked beans; however it gives the measurement in gallons, which may not help if you plan to buy deli-style sides. In any case, for 65 people, it suggests 3 gallons, so I'd have 3-1/2 gallons to be safe. I have found these estimates very reliable, even with heavy eaters (teen boys in particular). Have fun!