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Jun 9, 2005 04:51 PM

TJ's Stilton Cheese with Apricot--NO MORE :( ???

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Am hopelessly addicted to Trader Joe's Stilton Cheese with tiny bits of dried apricot. I know it sounds strange, but is absolutely YUMMY! When I went this week to purchase, it is listed as no longer available. Has any one else seen it at TJs or elsewhere? Pricey for TJs at about $9 lb---but VERY satisfying and unique flavor. THANKS!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Mike,
      Just called and turns out only the Masonic St TJ store is not going to stock ("it is a poor seller"-despite my buying several a week!), will now check some of the other SF ones to see their status. Thanks for the probably MUCH more cost effective alternative!

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        I do this often with various cheeses and dried fruits, nuts, fresh herbs, etc.

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          The Westlake TJ's in Daly City carries it.

          1. re: Nancy Berry

            THANKS Nancy,
            Happy to say the Masonic St TJ's actually saved me the last four packages of TJ's White Stilton with apricots ---no more at that location, so I appreciate your input. It is really SOOOO good, that I will be rationing this packages to last for a bit. Seems like everytime TJ's has a tasting of something, I end up hooked on it and then awhile later when I am totally dependent , they stop selling that item. Today's taste of TJ carrot/raisin loaf bread was another winner!

        2. I often buy white stilton with cranberries in BJ's, of all places. It's delicious.

          1. There is a brand available in semi-upscale grocery stores around here(S.C.) that makes both Apricot Stilton and my addiction, Cranberry Wednesleydale. We don't have TJ in this area, but I wonder if they are merely branding the cheeses from the company I see. It is annoyingly expensive. Maybe look around at some different markets.

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              I tasted both the cranberry and apricot Wensleydale in Massachussetts last year. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to find on the west coast. I did a few minutes of research and found that Wensleydale comes from one specific place in England, in limited production. Even the producer I emailed there couldn't hook me up with a retailer in So Cal. The TJ's fruit laced stilton is a good substitute, when they have it. Maybe Murray's cheese shop in NY can get it and ship it?

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                A major distributor of traditional UK cheese is Neal's Yard Dairy. They age cheeses themselves and distribute in the U.S. Whole Foods carries some of their cheeses, as well as many fine cheesemonger. (Not an endorsement of Whole Foods cheese department, however.)

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              torta basilica

              Someone else mentioned it, but I really like the Stilton with lemon too - bought it at Gelson's.