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Jun 3, 2005 07:14 PM

Help me identify a Middle Eastern confection

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Is anyone familiar with Middle Eastern sweets? My son was given what looked sort of like a square of divinity, white in color with a couple of pistachios on top, but when you pulled at it, it came apart in threads, like cotton candy. The taste was mildly sweet and had a subtle nut (or maybe sesame) flavor.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. It could be knaffi (or knoffi?) which has a filling simliar to baklava and has a threadlike shell.

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      Das Ubergeek

      Armenians call this "knafieh jeben". I think this might be what you're talking about.

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      sounds like it could be halvah, which is a mixture of sesame paste and honey. depending on how its made halvah can either break apart into a crumbly texture or else in sections with a threadlike grain. it doesn't sound like the pasty is kataif (bird's nest phyllo shreds) since this pastry is not usually sesame flavored.

      1. Maybe Pismaniye, (a.k.a. "Cotton Delight") from Turkey?


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          Is that the same thing as "Turkish delight?"

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            No...Turkish Delight is more of a gumdrop-like consistency, except denser and super-sweet, covered in a kind of powdered sugar.

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              "turkish delight" is Lokum in Turkish. The best (supposedly) is made by Haci Bekir in Istanbul.



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          peppermint pate

          Sounds like Persian fairy floss. I've never seen it in a solid square form but it's definitely thready and tastes like cotton candy.

          1. Sounds like it might be Gazz, Persian nougat. Here's a picture and a link to the website where I found it. Is this it?