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May 27, 2005 11:19 AM

Brio! Tuscan Grill

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We're scheduled to have lunch at Brio-Tuscan Grill at Winter Park Village in Winter Park Florida next week. Any comments on this place?

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  1. I like Brio. It's a huge step up from Olive Garden and a significant step up from Carrabas. I highly recommend the Carpaccio appetizer. It is to die for. Salads are a good size and have nice dressings and good greens. The only romaine is in the Caesar and there is no iceburg to be found. The lasagna is free form and very good but very large and you can order a half order, which I recommend. I also like their pizzas.

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      I second the carpaccio appetizer. I also love their salads and pizza. I also get the half lasagna. They also have very good soups and bisques.

    2. Brio ranks as a great disappointment for me. I was thinking Tuscan - what I got was a giant loud place with a dull menu, pathetic wine list and surly bar staff. One tiny mint sprig in a mojito. What's a mojito doing in a Tuscan restaurant anyway?

      It's funny that the previous responder mentioned Carrabas - that was the thought that came to my mind too. Instead of being Italian done by Outback, Brio was Italian done by Mortons. More upmarket, but little resemblance to anything Tuscan.

      This was the one in Southlake TX not the one in Winter Park, so maybe things are different there......


      1. I really like Brio and its sister, Bravo. I think they are good for groups when you're not sure how adventurous people are. The bread is always good, and I also like the lasagna and the salads. It's not the "mom-and-pop" Italian kind of place, but it is pretty and the food is very dependable.

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        1. re: Lauren in OH

          I think that among the chains, Bravo has the tastiest bread. I usually just fill up on that and order an appetizer is I ever go there.

        2. they opened a new brio in the sommerset mall in troy, mi within the past year. i have not been yet but it has received pretty good reviews.

          i have been to the sister place, bravo, several times. the food is above average - a lot better than olive garden and in the same league with macaroni grill. but the service has been poor almost every time i have been there.

          1. I've gone to the Brio in Mall at Milenia in Orlando several times. We love the food, and the service has always been excellent, but I agree it's VERY loud.

            They do have an iceberg salad, a wedge w/bleu cheese and bacon crumbles, but I guess they can be forgiven for that.

            All we ever get is the mushroom ravioli appetizer w/amazing cream sauce, and the gorgonzola-crusted strip. So awesome we wouldn't dare eat anything else. (Though I've been disappointed by their overly-large yet somehow unsatisfying pasta-with-chicken dishes.)

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              it's not bleu cheese on the insalata's gorganzola made with yogurt, bacon bits and tiny bits of tomato...try some other things ..everything is just as fact the crab and artichoke appetizer if great...try it one time...