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May 13, 2005 09:59 AM

Are pineapples still grown in hawaii??

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i have heard that hawaii is no longer a major pineapple producer, which surprised me. that Thailand, the Philippines and central America grow most of the world's pineapple. if so, whatever happened to the hawaiian pineapple industry??

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  1. Globalization.

    Ditto for the sugar cane industry, though US price supports for that helped for a while.

    Hawaii is an expensive location to farm....

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    1. re: Karl S.

      Dole is still there, although the "plantations" are more and more tourist sites a la Busch Gardens. If you go to Oahu's Chinatown, there are fresh Hawaiian pineapples on the produce stands. And in some restaurants throughout the islands, Hawaiian pineapples are still on the plates & in the drinks. But, even on the islands themselves, pineapples from the Phillipines are more and more in evidence. And, by the time you hit NYC, I cant imagine it being cheaper to go Hawaiian. I guess it's hard to dodge golf balls while growing them.

      1. re: Steve R.

        My wife and I toured a coffee plantation in Costa Rica on our honeymoon and they told us that Hawaii imports its macadamia nuts from Costa Rica.

        1. re: Ray
          Joan Kureczka

          Definitely not all of them. There are plenty of mac nut growers on the Big Island. Here's our favorite small one....


          1. re: Ray

            Macadamia Nuts are still grown in abundance on the Big Island. Actually, many of the old sugarcane fields were converted to Mac Nuts. As to pineapples, on the Islands you still find Hawaiian pineapple in abundance, but not sure about their status as an exported crop.

            Here's some info from the USDA on Hawaii:

            Top 5 agriculture commodities, 2003
            Value of receipts
            thousand $ Percent of state total
            farm receipts Percent of US value
            1. Pineapples 102,849 18.7 100.0
            2. Greenhouse/nursery 97,686 17.8 0.6
            3. Cane for sugar 62,035 11.3 6.2
            4. Macadamia nuts 32,330 5.9 100.0
            5. Coffee 23,490 4.3 100.0

            All commodities 549,353 0.3


      2. I recently tried a pineapple imported from Mexico, and gotta say, I won't go back to the imported Hawaiian ones for now. I love pineapples and the Mexican one was a revelation for me. Juicy, refreshing w/ a natural sweetness, not so syrupy sweet like the imported Hawaiian ones.

        The ones I've had in Hawaii have been very good, but for some reason, the ones in the states almost taste manipulated in flavor to me.

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        1. re: Carb Lover

          Oops, Hawaii is part of the states, I know. (apologies to Hawaiians everywhere)

          Meant to say the ones on the mainland don't taste as good as those I've had in the islands.

          1. re: Carb Lover

            You are forgiven. Many of us look forward to having our country back some day.

            1. re: kaleokahu

              You're TEXAN???

              Heh. Sorry...couldn't resist.

        2. Only Dole and the Maui Pineapple Company (or Corp?) still grow in Hawaii.
          Indonesia is another big pineapple producing country.

          1. Pineapples now grown in Hawaii are the new Hawaiian "Gold" fruit which is much sweeter than the ones they used to grow which were sold primarily for canning. They could not make a profit on these because of the prices in the world market. Hawaiian "Gold" is designed for the table. Fewer pineapples are now grown and are more expensive.
            Most people don't know that a pineapple, once it is picked, does NOT get any riper.

            1. i don't know, i came here to find out if there is pineapples in Hawaii. ;)
              Shout Out to MEEE!!!!! ;) *wink, wink wink*
              It is 2014 this Year!