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May 8, 2005 08:35 PM

Costco Rib Eye Roast

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I bought a Rib Eye Roast for Mother's Day lunch at Costco and was pleasantly surprised at how good the results were. I rarely buy big chunks of meat but I have friends who frequent Costco and like their meats. The price was $6.99 a pound - for a 12 pound roast. It was pretty well trimmed and the beef was graded Choice. I did a combination searing it on the stove top and then smoking it on the weber for 20-30 minutes.....followed by finishing in a very low oven. (200 - 225*F). Cooked it to 125* internal temperature and let it rest for 20-25minutes. Went up to 132-135* Came out very tender and juicy with a nice (but not overpowering) smoke accent.

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  1. I've always really liked Costco's meats... their lamb is always good, their beef tenderloin is a regular in my household, and their sausages, rotisserie chicken, smoked salmon, etc. are all good as well. The only mediocre meat product I've had from them is the ribs that they sell hot with the rotisserie chickens.

    1. I too am in love with the fresh meats at Costco, but some of the packages are a bit too large for me to use for one meal. So I have to do the planning to make two or three meals from one cut of meat. I have found that to be something neat when I can make it work out.

      As for the rib eye roast I wish I could a bone in. The bone in roast comes out a like rarer to my liking. I also get to chew on the bones.

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        Costco sells bone-in rib roasts during various holiday seasons like Christmas, Easter and New Year. I, too, wish that they had them all the time. The rib-eye steaks and boneless rib roasts are excellent, though, as are the flank steaks, the tri-tip roasts, the pork chops, the boneless legs of lamb, and the porterhouse lamb chops.

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          The boneless pork shoulder is excellent, as well, but it comes in avery large package with two shoulders packed together. The total weight is 12 to 14 pounds.