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Apr 22, 2005 11:26 PM

Sweet olive spread

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I just bought a jar of sweet kalamata olive spread at Trader Joe's. It tastes like a cross between sweet jam and olives -- very unexpected and unfamiliar. I can't decide if I like it or not. Has anybody tried it, and found any good uses? The jar says it can be used as a topping for meats but it's so odd I'm a bit hesitant to try it -- so far I've just tasted it on a cracker. I think some cheese might balance the sweetness.

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  1. I bought a jar of this a few weeks ago and really like it. So far I've mainly used it in lavash wraps or pita sandwiches with hummus, artichokes, chicken. I tend to counteract the fairly strong sweetness with a generous sprinkling of red pepper flakes. I think it would be great on crostini with a creamy, mild goat cheese but I haven't done that yet.

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      Didn't think this was very good, but did use it as one of the layers on panini sandwiches made for our hoard of relatives at Easter when they were milling around later after a huge dinner. Hunger struck; pies cut into again and the panini maker in full swing. I thought it was too sweet but partner also used pepper flakes then some with German sweet mustard and some with Coleman's plus slices of fresh ham piled.

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        Oh, geez, I had bought some and thought of returning it before opening and tasting after reading this post.

        It IS too sweet for my taste, also.

        I remember young Paola loved to put grape jelly on his pasta for dessert sometimes, and this TJ sweet olive spread reminds me of that.

        I am not sure if I should fiddle with it or just return it.

        I heard of putting grape jelly in a bbq sauce of hors deurves meatballs. Wondering if the sweet Kalmata olive spread would be good in that recipe inplace of the grape jelly.

        Any other suggestions on recipes to use this sweet olive spread?

    2. I'm in LOVE with that stuff, I eat it every day with goat cheese on crackers (either rye or vegetable crackers)

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        but not chevre, i use goat brie

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          I love, love, love the sweet Kalamata jam! Since I discovered it, here are two ways I have used it for entertaining with lots of compliments:

          1. Appetizer strata, a mixture of butter with cream cheese or mascarpone cheese layered with the small amounts of sweet Kalamata jam, sun-dried tomato spread and pesto sauce. I served it as a spread at room temperature with crackers and crusty bread. If you would like the recipe, please e-mail me.

          2. Store bought hummus spiked with the sweet Kalamata jam. I served it as a dip with grilled vegetables.

          Hmmm, hmmm good!

        2. I really loved this and they discontinued it - does anyone know how to make it - it was tasty on a slice of baguette with goat cheese