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Apr 13, 2005 03:50 PM

costco duck halves

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I noticed the other day that Costco has roast duck halves in the deli section. Each package contains two halves, shrink wrapped, for about $10. Has anyone tried them? Looks like a good deal for a quick but elegant dinner.

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  1. They're probably Maple Leaf Farms from Wisconsin: even though they're not from Long Island, most of the chefs here are starting to use these, the quality is very good and it saves hours of prep.

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      I think they are Maple Leaf...most commercial frozen duck is, and I would expect the cryovac ducks to be similar. They are quite small...a perfect serving for one. Roasting a duck is a big pain, but this looks like a winner for a quick meal...when picky relatives drop in. I shrink wrap and freeze duck confit and it keeps well for months.

    2. my future inlaws picked these up a couple of weeks ago. They were surprisingly good.

      1. We've been buying them for several years and think they are excellent. Only problem is, our Costco just has them from time to time......not at all on a regular basis, much to our dismay! Anybody know if Costco in a certain area tends to carry them all the time vs. other areas of the country?

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          I have had many problems with Costco vis a vis ducks. They used to carry smoked breasts in the deli more. Then they carried frozen breasts in the freezer more. I emailed customer service and was told to ask the local warehouse...when I told them I have been asking the warehouse for two years, without success, they won't answer me. I have just started using fresh ducks.

        2. I have had these ducks many times and they are great. They come with two packets of orange sauce that you heat in the microwave. I grill the duck halfs for about 10 minutes, heat some 151 rum and orange liquer to create Duck L'Orange Flambe`. I garnish with orange slices. Quick and easy but very elegant.

          Ducks go great with wild rice.

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            so you've revived a 6 yr old thread. Care to say where u can find these duck breasts? Haven't seen any in the places I frequent near San Francisco

            1. re: estnet

              It should still be around in the deli section. The stores can move items around in their respective sections, so you just may have to look around the section. In general, it should be with the other pre-cooked/prepared meats.

              1. re: ediblover

                They are in Indianapolis as well. I have been thinking about trying. Love the flambe idea.

              2. re: estnet

                Foster City Costco had them last week.

            2. I got them today at the San Marcos Costco in the deli case. I think it was $13 for whole split in two. We will use legs with white beans and then breasts with roasted potatoes. Will report back.

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                So we had the wings and legs with white beans tonight. Not as succulent as you'd get with your own confit/roasted duck, but pretty good for the price ($14) since we will have another meal with the breasts and roasted potatoes--we have some duck fat from late last year.