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Apr 13, 2005 02:14 AM

newspaper food sections worth reading

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This is not a new topic ... but editors, etc. change and I'm wondering which food sections pple think are worth reading now (beyond the obvious big ones, SF/LA/NY etc). Especially interested in food sections that feature international-oriented content at least now and then.

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  1. The Sunday Telegraph magazine food section is excellent. It includes recipes, often from guest chefs (recently there were recipes from the Zuni Cafe), it also has details of excellent suppliers and there are restaurant reviews.

    Also good is The Observer which every month has Observer Food Monthly, an entire supplement all about food/restaurants/nutrition.

    I also like the Financial Times' food section on a Saturday, in its Weekend supplement - especially the receipes from Rowley Leigh.

    1. Just an can find a ton of links to domestic newspapers' food sections at
      Look along the right side of the home page, they are listed alpabetically by city...for some you need to register, but it's free.

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      1. re: Val

        This is a very nice resource, thank you.

        1. re: PayOrPlay

          You are welcome...I could spend hours there (and I think I already have!)

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 is where they are now. Sautewednesday is no more according to their website.

        3. Robert Wolke's column in the Washington Post, Food 101, is usually an interesting read. He fields culinary questions and responds from a scientific perspective.

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            This is true, but beyond this column the Post food section is not at all good.

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              Agreed--like many papers that send articles out for syndication, the WP has experienced a marked decrease in relevancy and an increase in banality.

              The best food writing usually ends up in the Style section.

          2. I try to read the Detroit Free Press's food section online every Tuesday(not Wednesday, as in most cities). It's; then click on food. They have a real food editor who selects and tests recipes, although some are from other sources. I've gotten some great ideas from that site(tailgating, jam making, breakfast ideas from B&Bs around Michigan). Most newspapers, including ours in Cincinnati, have food sections culled from AP and other sources, very little original, except maybe local taste tests. Also, I notice many food sections shrinking. We used to have a whole section; now it's about a page on Wednesdays.

            1. I like the Miami Herald. Lots of articles on Latin American food, which sets it apart from the other U.S. sections. A good deal of food history as well.