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Yes Yes Cookies

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Does anyone remember/know where I can get Yes Yes cookies (online or in the SF Bay Area)? I last remember eating these cookies in about 1972 in the Boston Area, don't know if they were just a local product. They were a rectangular shortbready sort of base, with caramel, toasted coconut, and chocolate piled on them. Any help appreciated.

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  1. I believe there are some girl scout cookies that are very similar to yes yes cookies. My parents used to buy yes yes cookies for us back in the 70's when we were kids and they were always the 1st box to go quickly! Thanks for the memories,Richie

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      those girl scout cookies are called samoas. they're fantastic. i've never heard of yes yes cookies, but i suspect i'd love them.

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        They changed the names of those girl scout cookies,click on the link in the post above.

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          My mom and I were just talking about "yes yes" cookies and the caramel delight girl scout cookies and how similar they are. I told her that when I got home I would check the internet for info...I couldn't believe it when this message board came up!!!
          I must say the yes yes are still my favorite. They were here in Michigan in the 60's-early 70's but I don't know after that. Also I noticed someone mentioned they were shortbread, but I remember them having a puffed rice type center(light and crispy).

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            Thank god someone remembers them, Susan! Yes, I think they were more crispy....it was a long time ago.

            Isn't there some kind of cookie museum or archive or something where we could look for them?

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              Wow, what a memory flash. You made think of FFV cookies, which I havent seen in years. They had alot of the same kind as Girl Scouts, Thin Mints for sure, and I suspected that they were made in the same place, of course. Im not quite sure but I thought the initials meant Famous Foods of Virginia. Well my google showed that FFV makes cookies out of Richmond, mainly sold to Girl Scouts. I suppose they just dropped New York. My favorite cookies gone from the shelves were Sunshine Peanut Butter square things, very fragile. I contacted the company and they said they never made them.........

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                I loved those peanut butter wafer square cookies. I'm the kiss of death for products...I like it, away it goes forever!

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              they were like a honeycomb texture, rectangular, toasted coconut and caramel and chocolate

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                Yes! Yes! Exactly as I remember them. (puffed ricey crispy) The best cookies in the world! I lived in Boston, MA and used to get a box of these (quite often) Small world isn't it???Wish I could make them...oh, how wonderful they were!!!!

        2. check out the link below and these are very simialr.

          Link: http://www.girlscoutcookiesabc.com/at...

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            The site you linked, Richie, is not the official site for the Girl Scouts and product may vary in regions as their council chooses. The ones you're referring to, Richie, are made by ABC Bakers - and that is an official GSUSA licensed baker - but many are by Keebler - also an official baker for the cookies - and that's why the names are different. What ABC calls "Caramel deLites" are called "Samoas" in many, many areas. We just finished delivering the Girl Scout Cookies here in Orange County, California. http://www.gscoc.org/index4.html

            Per an OC GA council: "Girl Scout cookie varieties include all your favorites – Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, All Abouts and two new flavors – Lemon Coolers (reduced fat) and Double Dutch. The price is $4 a box. Our cookie supplier of long-standing is Little Brownie Bakers, a subsidiary of Keebler."

            You might see them being sold at a table outside commercial buildings in your area this week and maybe next week. They are around here.

            You can find what your local GS council has by entering your zip code at the link below and navigating to the Cookies nd Nuts link (not the "Program" link as that is password controlled for the troops).

            That's probably a good place to find the YES YES-like cookies. I haven't seen the YES YES cookies anywhere, and who knows who the baker was.

            Anyway, maybe the Girl Scouts progam is the only place you will find a cookie similar to that described by original poster.

            Link: http://www.girlscouts.org/councilfind...

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              I knew them as samoas also but couldn't think of the name last night and when I did a search I found that site and thought they must have changed the name. Oh well.

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                I bought mine in OC and they are called Carmel deLites. I still have 2 in the box in my overhead.... what's the deal? Was "samonas" un PC?

            2. Yes, I know about Samoas (the girl scout cookies). They are similar to Yes Yes cookies, but nowhere near as good. Sigh......

              1. My Mother used to get these for me all the time back in the late 60's. I've been trying to find them again off and on for years. If anyone comes across them, please post! Best cookies I ever had!

                1. I remember these too. They were definitely made by LU -- I think I ate them last about ten years ago. I suspect that the girl scouts somehow took over the rights to this particular cookie (which they call "Samoa" -- which is, essentially, the same cookie) and that's why we can't buy it anymore, except through the girl scouts at inflated prices, once a year. I hope I'm wrong!

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                    I can't believe there are others who are "jonesing" for Yes Yes cookies! I had them as a kid in Providence, RI; I remember that the box had glossy paper over the cardboard box and with a tropical scene, with sunset skies..... I have often wondered what ever happened to this cookie; the girl scout "samoa" name seems to make sense with this scene on the box I recall....

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                      nearsighted lady

                      Reading the original post brought back dim yet fond memories of Yes Yes cookies from my Boston-area childhood (mid- to late 1960s). I don't remember them as being made by LU - which is a brand that showed up much later - but by Educator, a local brand, now defunct. Does anyone have a more reliable memory on this point than I do?

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                        Rita L'Herault

                        . . . and I thought I was the only one who remembered Yes Yes cookies. Had them in southeast New England growing up in the 50's - 60's. Miss them!

                      2. I found this articleabout yes yes cookies on another site and thought i would post.

                        Q: A few months ago, a dear friend gave me the enclosed letter from your newspaper section, "Write to Know," which was given to her by her sister-in-law. I couldn't believe my eyes as I read this letter. All three of us worked where "Yes Yes" cookies were made in Clifton, N.J.

                        The name of the company was Federal Sweets and Biscuit Co., on Clifton Boulevard, Clifton, N.J. I started working there in June 1961, right after I graduated high school. Federal Sweets closed its doors many, many years ago and sold most of its recipes to a company in Massachusetts. The Yes Yes cookies were one of many cookies that were made at Federal Sweets. Others included Vita Sticks, Hawaiian Lei, Pecan Pies, Dutch Boy and Girl, Peanut Butter Patties, Chocolate Mints, Sugar Cookies, Coconut Macaroons, Jelly Jumbles and more.

                        Many of their cookies were put into beautiful tins, and I wish I had saved each and every one of them. One was even a sewing tin with a pin cushion on top. In those years, cookies were sold in bulk to the five-and-dime stores — Grants, Woolworth's, Kresge and Kress. I remember going into the stores and seeing them behind the glass counters and being able to pick out which ones you wanted. What a treat in those days.

                        This letter from A.C.M., Gilbert, brought back so many happy memories for me. This was one of the best places to work, as we were one big family. It was a huge room with different units set up. There were no cubicles, so you could see everyone at a glance. Of course, there were no computers or cell phones, but what fun we all had working there. I attended evening school and became a Special Education teacher, which was always my dream.

                        Here I am, 46-plus years later, but I remember working at Federal Sweets like it was yesterday. Those were really special days.

                        Please let A.C.M. in Gilbert know about her Yes Yes cookies — that they actually did exist — and thank her for giving me a look back into the past. If you print a response to A.C.M., Gilbert, in your paper, please send me a copy. I would love it! Thank you.


                        Paterson, N.J.

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                          I am SOOOOO glad someone explained the disappearance of the infamous Yes Yes Cookies. I was a child in Metuchen NJ and my mom bought these cookies which immediately became my favorite. We moved to PA when I was almost 6 years old, and we couldn't find them anymore. I was soooo bummed as a kid to lose my all-time fav cookies. The GS samoas are close, but definitely not the same. It was like losing a best friend! :-) Thank you K.M.R. for the explanation!

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                            When I was a kid, I used to go with my grandfather to Federal Sweets. His company did all the trucking for them. I remember getting the cookies hot off the lines. it was nice hearing that someone else remembers federal Sweets.

                          2. I'm originally from Miami my mom use to buy us yes yes cookies from publix, in the60's.
                            they were a big favorite in my family.along with black and white cookies from the local bakery. yes yes cookies,had a sugar wafer-like base with coconut and drizzled with chocolate and caramel. man i could really go for one right now. the girl scout cookies are pretty close and i buy a box every year. but there not the same. does anybody remember chocolate cream filled cupcakes with chocolate icing from the Holsum bakeries. they were awesome.

                            1. ok we know that the Federal Sweets and Biscuit Co made the cookies but who got the writes to make them again & if there are defferent then the origal Yes Yes cookies Someone can make a lot of money,To sell a GREAT Cookie because the Yes Yes cookie was not round & the insides was defferent

                              In short someone make the dam Yes Yes cookies again the way thay was made.

                              the cookie is in your hands someone make a lot of people happy

                              Mike from Mass

                              1. I have also been looking for yes yes cookies. They were a big favorite of mine and my sisters. I am in Canada and have never found these cookies since the 70's. Does anybody know if they are still being made?

                                1. I remember them very well, I grew up in the Boston area, it was the mid 60's and I got even chubbier eating those cookies.. They had a blue wrapping as I remember with a Hawaiian figure ( maybe a Hula Girl?) I was thinking maybe Sunshine made them? They were rectangle shaped, covered in coconut, chewy, with caramel and chocolate.. most of all they were delicious and I would try to eat a whole box till my older sister hid them on me!

                                  1. I have searched for years to find any information about Yes Yes cookies. In the '60's, my grandparents lived in RI and Yes Yes cookies were always in the cupboard. What was strange that we lived in CT but the YY cookies weren't available there. The GS samoas are ok, but nothing like YY cookies. Four years ago, I was in a Stop and Shop in Providence and asked the mgr if he remembered them. He said they were bought by Burry's and discontinued.

                                    I don't miss much from those days, but I really miss Yes Yes cookies.

                                    1. I too grew up Eastern MA in the 60's and 70's and have longed for Yes-Yes cookies for sooo long. I'm sorry to find out they're not out there somewhere for sale, but happy to find people still talking about them. I remember the rectangular box, with "Yes Yes" written diagonally across the top, and the cookies as something resembling Twix bars in shape, only fatter. Oh so delicious and similar enough to the GS cookie that I get that each year just to stir around some memories... But no,not the same.

                                      When we were kids, there was a small grocer in the center of town where you could call, place an order over the phone, and have it delivered to the house right then and there. One evening, after the entire family (mom, dad + 6 kids!) returned home from a week's vacation to a house with no food in it, my mom called and placed an order to get us through a couple of days. When we heard her add a box of Yes Yes cookies to the order, we were thrilled. We went outside in the dark to wait for the grocer's truck. I have this lovely intense memory of several of us kids dancing around on the top step as the truck pulled in, singing, "Yes Yes! Yes Yes!" and just smiling from ear to ear. That's a food memory for you.

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                                        I LOVED these cookies also known as Yum Yum cookies. My second favorite long gone is fudgetown. I would also pay anything to have these again. The GS coolies don't cut it. similar taste but only slightly

                                      2. I remember them so well, I keept asking people my age if they remember yes yes cookies but nobody remembers them except me. I would love to find the recipe mysef.
                                        My dad use to buy them for me at the old A&P store down the road a little ways from my house in Woburn, massachusettes. They were my favorites. Why did the company close?

                                        1. i remember yes yes cookies. they were my favorite store bought cookies. my mother bought them just for me. im 53 now, but i think the last time i saw them in a store was when i was about 21, 22 years old. star market in stoneham,ma. had them. and i think the name of the company was Favorite Foods. keeblers has something very similar, as do the girl scouts, but neither one compare to the original yes yes cookies.

                                          1. Every year around GS cookie time I buy a box of Samoas (Carmel Delights) and every year I eat my first one and am, again, reminded that these ARE NOT my precious Yes Yes cookies. It was that crisy rice (?) wafer base that made them the absolute best cookie I've ever eaten. If the Girl Scouts would adopt that with their Samoas they would, at least, triple their sales!

                                            1. I was looking for them, too. Not the Girl Scout version, the actual Yes Yes Cookies. We last purchased them at Pick 'N Save in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in the 1970's. They were rectangular shaped. I'm 55 and my mother didn't believe any store bought cookie could beat the taste of home made. She was right with one exception. How sad Federal Sweet & Biscuit Company is out of business and no other company is using the exact recipe. I was hoping to find them online. By Debbie

                                              1. Not made any more but keebler makes a good one called coconut dreams ENJOY!!!

                                                1. I grew up in Northern New Jersey in the 60s, and I too remember well Yes, Yes cookies. I was tickled to hear that they were made in Clifton. I agree that Samoas are a pale comparison, but do give us a taste of the past! Yes, Yes cookies were an occaisional treat in our home.

                                                  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED YES YES COOKIES! My mother used to send them to me in a CARE package at summer camp in 1965! I've asked a lot of people and NO ONE'S ever heard of them! I'm so glad someone else remembers them!!

                                                    1. I remember Yes Yes cookies and they were my favorite childhood cookie too. The following easy recipe is the closest thing to Yes Yes cookies and are delicious. This is on my Christmas cookie list.
                                                      First make a batch of traditional rice crispy treats ( melt 4 cups mini marshmallows with 3 T butter and add 6 cups of Rice Crispies and press in a buttered 10 x 15 inch baking pan).
                                                      Lightly toast a 14 oz bag of flaked coconut, then mix in melted caramels ( around 80 caramels melted with 6 T butter). Or better yet make your own homemade caramel. It is almost faster to make your own than unwrap all those caramels. Tastes better and cheaper too! Spread toasted coconut-caramel mixture on top and let cool in fridge. Cut into bars and dip the bottoms in melted chocolate (1 1/2 cups of semisweet chocolate chips + 2 T shortening, melted in microwave for 30 sec.on high). Drizzle chocolate on top.

                                                      1. Were they Yes Yes cookies or Yum Yum cookies? I only remember these Yum Yums. They were Yum Yum too!


                                                        1. OMGoodness, how well I remember my all time favorite cookie known as Yes Yes. What I don't know is who made them. I came home from high school in the 60's, (grew up in upstate New York on the St. Lawrence River) I grabbed a huge mug of ice cold milk, and a box of Yes Yes cookies. My poor mother could never keep a box in the house for very long when I was around. I am a Group Fitness Instructor in Florida now, and every now and then I talk to my class about the all time best cookie ever made. They all look at me as if I were nuts!!!! No one remembers them. Thanks to one of my sweetheart students who went home today and googled the Yes Yes cookie then sent me this information. Wish we could get them around here.

                                                          1. How well I remember Yes Yes cookies. So wonderful. I would come home from high school, grab a huge mug of milk, the box of cookies, and sit on my bed watching TV and devouring the cookies. My poor mom could never keep a box in the house for long with me around. I grew up in upstate New York on the St. Lawrence River. Now, I am a Group Fitness Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer. I have mentioned this cookie to my students, but no one has ever heard of them. Thank heavens to one of my students who thought to google Yes Yes Cookies and found this web site. Why we can't get our big pastry manufacturers to duplicate this cookie I will never understand. What a hit they would be. Such wonderful memories. Denise