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Mar 10, 2005 01:45 PM

What is lo han extract?

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I picked up some Knudsen's light spritzer today at Whole Foods that lists "lo han extract" as an ingredient. I presumed this was some sort of natural sweetener (as the label says there are no artificial sweeteners in the product). A google search confirmed this, but yielded very little info -- just a result full of weird nutritional supplements and diet beverages.

I don't like mystery ingredients -- is there anything I should know about this stuff?

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  1. Lo Han Kuo is the fruit of Momordica grosvenorii, a plant cultivated in the mountains of southern China. Mogrosides, which are water extracted from the Lo Han fruit, offer a pleasant, sweet taste without elevating blood sugar. Lo Han Kuo Mogrosides are up to 250x sweeter than sugar.


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    1. re: Cyndy

      Thank goodness for that. Lohan without the guo is Chinese for (sanskrit) Arhat, a disciple of the Buddha. I'd hate to think they were being subjected to extraction.

      1. re: Jerome

        I suppose in that case, Tie Lohan (the tea) would involve dipping them in molten iron. (and yest I know why the tea is called Tie Lohan I'm just making a joke)

      2. re: Cyndy

        I live in NC ... I would like to purchase Lo Han extract (ONLY); however, the health food stores I've contacted sell the "Jarrow" brand of Lo Han mixed with xylitol (2.8 oz. $9.95). There's no info on the bottle that shows the % of Lo Han. Do you know of any place in NC that sells just the Lo Han extract?

      3. The original comment has been removed