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Mar 2, 2005 08:41 PM

how long will fresh squeezed lemon juice last?

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Started a batch of homemade Limoncello 2 weeks ago and saved the fresh squeezed lemon juice for dressings 'n such, since Limoncello only requires the rinds. I have it in the fridge but should I toss it after a certain amount of time?

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  1. I add some of the juice to the lemoncello as well. I think it ages and clarifies better.

    The best way to keep the juice is freeze it in ice cube trays and then pop in a ziploc. Then it keeps for months and months. At one point last summer half my freezer was full of tasty pulpy lemon and lime juice cubes for instant aid in make ade.

    1. homemade limencello. i'm intrigued. mind sharing the recipe? thanks!

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        There is an abundance of recipes out there and they are all a little different as to how to make it (mostly on when to add sugar, time, and type of liquor). This is my 1st time making it but my brother wanted to do it as a project, so he can taste it when he visits next time. We are soaking the rinds of 12 organic unwaxed lemons (avoid the white pith part because that causes bitterness). Added them to 1 liter of Grey Goose vodka and waiting 2 weeks before adding the sugar (simple syrup) - 1 1/2 cups each of water and sugar. Wait again for at least a few weeks. That's our plan, but it's kind out an experiment and work-in-progress. I'll report back after tasting the finished product and comparing to storebought Limoncello.

        Here are some of the many recipes below:

        Maybe poster "The Rogue" will share his recipe with us?

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          thanks! please do report back. my email addy is good luck trying!

      2. The peak zestiness of freshly squeezed citrus juice has a short half life. I mean under a day. That's why so many recipes insist on freshly squeeszed.

        Older juice can certainly be used, but it's well past its best self.

        In the future, I'd freeze and make airtight immediately.

        1. I squeezed all four of my Meyer lemons less than 48 hours ago. The lemons were already more than a week in my fridge. The juice is good in tea as well as a lemonade (with Equal) today, however, a teaspoon test taste hinted a bit of metal. It was stored in a glass container with a plastic top.

          Does that answer your question?

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            Bride of the Juggler

            We usually keep home-squeezed lime juice in our fridge. Only once has it ever gone bad, and that was after about 6-8 weeks, and the limes were a little old to begin with. Thank you.