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Mar 2, 2005 08:53 AM


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has anyone ever eaten at lambert's resturant in philadelphia, pa, old city? would like to know how the food and service are. thanks

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Nothing to get excited about. It's a small chain. It's okay. There are much better Italian restaurants in Philadelphia. Go to the PA board.

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      1. re: JanR

        Hi JanRDo you know any in olde city? We are going to the Painted Bride for our neice's performance and need something beforehand.

        1. re: JanR

          I'm sorry JanR, how is it that you say that? The food and presentation is spectacular. What kind of quality and service can you get for a moderate price in Philadelphia area?

          Could you suggest these other places that are "much better"?

          1. re: Adorable Girlfriend

            I went to one of the Lamberti's restaurants in Cherry Hill for an Office Party.(small office, we took a back room) I normally don't particularly like a lot of Italian food I'd eaten, so I wasn't particular prepared to like to food, but I was blown away.

            They prepared many dishes for us, so we could try multiple things. We all ate SO MUCH. But I still remember that meal, that food. Service was A+, and I've been told by many people since that it's the Father and Sons, or Cousins, etc. So people don't seem to agree on what family member runs what, lol (Aldo Lamberti) but we do all agree the food was exceptional, and pretty consistent place to place. It's a shame I live so far away now.

            1. re: sommrluv

              I was given a gift card for Lamberti's (Cherry Hill) and honestly, it took me almost a year to go over there and use it. My daughter gave it to me and I was wondering WHY! Finally, I went to NJ and picked up my daughter, plus her 4 kids, and met several friends there. Had a great meal! I was truly surprised and very impressed. Both with the service and the food. We got a large variety of dishes and they were all wonderful. Needless to say, the gift card and then some were worth it.

              1. re: crazyspice

                Aldo Lamberti's in Cherry Hill can be very very good; Lamberti's Positano Coast is good. Don't know of any other Lamberti's in Old City. But the Lamberti's in Feasterville is definitely not good (if it's still there).

                1. re: Beulah

                  Prior to being Positano Coast, it was Lamberti's. It was great when I was in college (about 10 years ago). Haven't been since it changed to Positano.

                  1. re: lbmsw

                    I love Positano. The lounge is my favorite part. I like to go there for a "light" Italian meal. The food in the lounge is served similar to tapas style so I recommeend going with a group and ordering several things. The chicken parm is great!