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Feb 21, 2005 05:34 PM

Batter dipped deep fried avocado?

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I was watching Emeril last night and he showed how to deep fry an avocado. I love avocado but it never occurred to me to deep fry it. Has anybody ever tried it?

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  1. I am asking if anybody has ever actually eaten this; I'm not asking here for cooking techniques.

    1. On a visit to Texas once, had a deep-fried avocado that was filled with crab meat. This was at a Mexican establishment, so i assume is a Mexican specialty?
      It was good..crispy on the outside, creamy-but-firm avocado layer with sweet crab meat filling. I have not come across it at like establishments in Boston/MD/NYC yet, or in Hawaii.


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        I've had it in a few places in Tokyo billed as "avocado tempura"! Pretty decadent... yum.

        1. re: TanQ10

          This is not a Mexican specialty, at least not in the part of Mexico where I live and not in any of the 26 Mexican states I've visited or lived in during the last 25 years.

          It may well have been simply an invention, a specialty of the restaurant you visited.

          1. re: TanQ10

            i have a deep fried avocado recipe cut from the pages of the los angeles times (a recipe request for a restaurant in austin called trudy's north star).

            basically an avocado stuffed with shredded chicken, dipped in buttermilk, coated in saltine crumbs, deep fried, sauced with green chile and melted cheddar and jack cheese.

            1. re: petradish

              The restaurant is called Trudy's but there are 3 locations in town, North Star being one (Texas Star and South Star the other two). The stuffed avocado is considered a Tex-Mex specialty. I've had it a couple of times but it's really rich, with the already creamy avocado, and cheese and then the frying. Even though they only serve half the avocado, it's best shared.

              1. re: petradish

                can you please send me the recipe for trudys stuffed avocado?

              2. re: TanQ10

                You can also get this at Los Cucos restaurants in Houston.

                Just as you describe it.

                But I really don't think it's anything to write home about.

                1. re: MidtownCoog

                  I agree. It wass the first and last time I've had it, on my Texas trip. My spouse can't tolerate fresh avocados, so the concept of a fried one was stomch-turning for him. I ordered it out of curiosity and it was interesting, with the crab filling. I guess if they served half-portions at a nearby restaurant I'd probably order it again, with a pitcher of margaritas.


                  1. re: MidtownCoog

                    I have had the Los Cucos version and I totally agree, MidtownCoog. It was sort of bland, the one I had. The avocado was kind of lost in all the breading and filling and stuff. I will stick to avocado in guacamole and have a deep fried something else!

                2. Emeril is a lily-gilder from way back - he always overdoes it.

                  1. The Cheesecake Factory does an avocado egg roll that comes pretty close to batter fried avocado.

                    They chop up avocadoes and lightly toss with what seems like salt, citrus, and a few pieces of tomato. Then they roll it in egg roll skin and deep fry it. It's served with a sweet tamarind sauce, and quite tasty. It's one of the three menu items I stick to whenever I'm forced to go to the Cheesecake Factory.

                    The avocado has to be quite ripe, and is best eaten warm rather than hot. It's creamy, but if you like to eat avocado out of the skin like I do, you'll like it.

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                    1. re: nooodles

                      BJ's in Ca also does the same.

                      The interior is seductively creamy, with the contrasting crunch of the exterior...mmm. The tamarind sauce is a perfect accompaniment--I may have to go there tonight!

                    2. Ive had avocado tempura at a few places in NYC. I got strange looks from my dining companions but everyone who tries it loves it.

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                      1. re: MV

                        I realize it's from 2005, but maybe someone else knows - where to find avocado tempura in NYC? I think tempura batter is delicate enough that avocado taste would come through, so I would like to try it.