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Feb 21, 2005 02:02 PM

Kurobuta Ham--Anyone Tried It?

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The Rosengarten Report is offering a special where you can buy a Kurobuta Whole or Half Ham (half ham $109 incl s&h).

I would be interested in your thoughts on this ham, that is supposed to be "unparalled".


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  1. Kurobuta, also known as Berkshire or black pig, is supposed to be the best pork there is - the equivalent of Kobe for beef. I haven't had the ham but have eaten tonkatsu made with kurobuta and it is fantastic. Go for it and report back!


    1. Have not had the ham but did try the pork; it was overcooked when I had it and unfortunately no better or different than ordinary pork.

      1. Hi Funwithfood-san,

        Here in Tokyo, I've had kurobuta ham that really does live up to the hype. Just stupidly sublime and flavorful ham. The uber-ham of ham. And, it isn't cheap, even here.

        That said, I've also had kurobuta ham injected with so much liquid that it is akin to biting into a slightly-rung-out pork flavored sponge. Not at all appealing.

        In the Rosengarten Report, does it tell who produces the ham? If it is from a reputable farm, known for kurobuta, I'd definitely say "go for it"!!


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        1. re: Andy P.

          It doesn't say--but found out by doing some research that Snake Farms is the supplier for this promotion.

          1. re: Funwithfood

            Snake River Farms is a highly respected producer of kurobuta. If you are still so inclined, go for it!!

        2. Coincidentally, I just posted about some Kurobuta pork (fresh, not cured into ham) that I recently bought that is truly sublime. I also bought a couple of Kurobuta ham steaks around the holidays that were far superior to any ham steaks I've ever had -- too bad the place where I bought them only had them for the holidays. I'd say go for it. Report back!!

          1. I bought one and it was the best ham we have ever had. Worth the money by far. The side dishes that he offered were excellent. I would by this ham again in a minute. I called Rosengarten to see if he would be offering this again and was told no. To bad, I would have bought another. The producer, SRF does not seem to carry the half ham, bone in, smoked to David's specifications that David offered his readers.

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            1. re: L Brown

              David is offering that special ham again, it's in the new Tastings newsletter.

              I am not a fan of it (too soft, too sweet, not salty enough, odd spice rub ruins it for leftovers, and all the fat is trimmed off), but I guess enough people liked it for him to offer it again.

              1. re: peekpoke

                I'm a great fan of Kurobuta pork - in fact, it's about the only form of pork loin that I'm interested in eating because of what the fat Nazis have done to supermarket pork. I've had Kurobuta ham and didn't think it was all that much better than a high-quality ham such as you can get from Harrington's or Burgers, though admittedly it was far superior to supermarket ham.