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Feb 7, 2005 03:06 PM

Best bottled Barbecue Sauce

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Was trying to find barbecue sauce in the supermarket yesterday, and couldn't find the Lea & Perrins that I normally get, and got charlie beiggs sauce instead, the hot pepper and the bourbon one, and wasn't impressed with either, too acidic tasting, and too watery-------who has got the best bottled barbecue sauce--there were several other brands there, and alot of them had msg which is a no no for me--the beiggs one was all natural at least......thanks for the tips!

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  1. I just *love* Sweet Baby Ray's, pretty easy to find in grocery stores around here (Midwest).

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    1. re: Ms. Paris

      Good call on Sweet Baby Ray's. Balanced, not too sweet, doesn't interfere with the flavor of smoked meats, and it's cheap as chips, too. There's always a bottle in my fridge.

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        I tend to make my own but the SBR spicy is the jam when you want a thicker ketchup based sweet and spicy sauce. I also like Stubb's spicy for a more vinegary sauce.

    2. Most professional places use Open Pit and then add some secret ingredient, like teriyaki sauce or tabasco.
      I think you can get it in a grocery store.

      1. gates -hot or regular

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          Oh my god, this is SOOOO good. He used to have a tiny restaurant down the block from me. He had the BEST sauce. Then he started bottling it, selling it and eventually go out of the restaurant busienss and started doing sauce full time. It's amazing. I have Texan friedns who now swear by it. He does mail order and it's worth a few bucks to find out how good life can be.

        2. Another vote for Sweet Baby Rays, unless I'm in Missouri and can get some Show-Me brand.

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            Anna 'Boo' Carroll

            JOHNNY HARRIS' BARBECUE SAUCE (there are two flavors) comes from my hometown of Savannah and is great. I can get it here in New York City but if you can't get it where you are, you can always order it on-line. It has been around for 80+ years and is a staple in Georgia. I would highly recommend you try both flavors.

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              My extended family is from Savannah, and I lived my summers in Tybee as a kid, so I am well aware of Johnny's..(used to eat there in the 60's and 70's when it was an intense experience)...In fact, I used to get it sent to me by my mother, but she's passed on, and I guess I just never thought to order mail order. Yes, it is quite distinctive, but I was actually looking for a darker brew this time around.

              1. re: Anna 'Boo' Carroll

                My Aunt used to live in Savanah and give me a case every Christmas. She's since moved, but I still order on-line. By far my favorite. The steak sauce is quite good too.