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Feb 2, 2005 02:42 PM

Where can I find callaloo to buy?

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Want to learn to cook it...Had it at a restaurant and its AWESOME!

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    1. re: annie

      The leaves of the taro root, also the name of a Caribbean soup of which the greens are one of the ingredients.

      1. re: The Rogue

        Actually, it is from the amaranth family and is very similar to chinese cabbage but much more tender and flavorful than chinese cabbage or even spinach...this particular greens is referred to as callaloo in the western caribbean....however in the eastern caribbean and hawaii, they call the leaves of taro root the same name - callaloo. i also found out that the ppl in the western caribbean do NOT eat the leaves of the taro root because they think its poisonous, they feed it to pigs...go figure

        having said that, callaloo was originally a one pot dish whose main ingredient were these leafy greens but it turned out that since slavery to now some wires got crossed and they started calling the greens callaloo and NOT the dish...

    2. Your local ethnic grocery, maybe? My roommate used to make this with Chinese Spinach (amaranth) or Kale. Some online groceries have tinned callaloo - I've never had that sort, just an idea.


      1. Although this may be better discussed in Home Cooking, If I recall correctly, callaloo is equivalent to collard greens, or something very similar.

        1. Might be helpful if you say where you live....probably someone in your area will be able to help.

          1. Just can back from Bequia and ate callaloo everyday.
            I loved it!