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Jan 26, 2005 01:18 AM

Fast food fried chicken - Popeyes

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A Popeyes chain recently opened in my area, and I tried it for the firsttime today. I know its not very chowish of me but I really liked the spicy fried chicken. I was wondering how other chowhounds felt about it? I was also wondering if anyone had an opinion on thier cajun fast food?

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  1. I hate to admit it, but I love the spicy fried chicken also. The mashed potatoes and gravy are outstanding as well. This is the only chain that I patronize, but no other place does what they do as well as they do it.


    1. Why isn't it very chowish of you? Here in New Orleans where Popeyes started, their fried chicken is considered to be good, and many people spend a lifetime trying to duplicate their red beans. I personally have rarely had a better biscuit. Dirty rice is good, too.

      I've heard they're not as good in other parts of the country, but if you've got a good one in your neighborhood, lucky you!

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        David Feldman


        In my experience, the non-New Orleans locations often have problems with the dirty rice (perhaps because there isn't enough turnover) but most of the other dishes, especially the chicken and onion rings, are as good outside of home base.

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          I love love love Popeye's onion rings but haven't seen them on the menu in the ones I've been to recently. Is that just an individual store thing?

          1. re: David Feldman

            I don't even think that dirty rice is on the menu of the one closest to where I live. Everything else seems to be pretty good though (although they have nobody but KFC to compete with.)

          2. re: Jess

            I went to New Orleans on a work trip for a week once, and while I was excited to eat gumbo and crawfish, what fired up one of my co-workers was Popeye's -- he said it was better in New Orleans than anywhere else. I had some interest in investigating this, but not enough to spend eat one of my precious New Orleans meals in a Popeye's.

            1. re: Chris E.

              He's right--the first Popeye's I ever went to was on Canal Street around Chartres, and it remains the best branch I ever went to.

          3. Definitely my favorite chain for fried chicken. Also like the red beans and rice. There is a Pop-eyes near me in Springfield NJ, but I don't think it's narely as good as I find in southern states' Pop-eyes.
            There's one in the Houston Airport (IAH) and we will risk missing our connection just to get that chicken.


            1. I too, like their spicy chicken. There are not any near me, but when I make road trips to Ohio ( route 90)and virginia ( route 95), they are at the rest stop areas, and it is a treat for us.

              1. We like it, too, although I've only had it on the rare road-trip to Vegas.