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Dec 30, 2004 01:24 PM

suggestions: Side Dishes for Corned Beef?

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suggestions for side dishes and drinks for corned beef dinner?


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  1. Side dishes for a "boiled New England Dinner".

    Red potatoes, yukon potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, green cabbage, (asparagus when in season) and a hearty bread. I serve San Francisco style sour dough. Cook the "sides" in the liquid you cooked the corned beef in. Cut the veggies into serving pieces, cut the cabbage into quarters or eights before cooking.

    Condiments would be mustard and ketchup.

    After cooking your corned beef; mix equal parts of mustard (I use grey poupon (sp?) country style) and brown sugar. Spread the mixture on the meat side (not on the fat) and put under the broiler until melted, should only be a few minutes, or in the oven, will take longer.

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      Alan, I also fix corned beef with that same glaze. I like to drop half of a split orange in the water to poach with the beef. The combination of flavors is really delicious.

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        Similar but different: I skip the corned beef dinner w/veg altogether, simmer the corned beef with pickling spice, stud it with whole cloves as you would a ham, and then glaze it as you describe with the brown sugar and mustard. Chill and slice thin. This Fake Pastrami makes unbelievable sandwiches on rye bread---the sweetness of the glaze bounces off the slight spiciness of the meat.

      2. Bubble and Squeak (sauteed cabbage with mashed potatoes) and carmelized shallots or onions, maybe some carrots. Soda Bread is good, too. And beer!

        1. When we cook a Corned Beef dinner, we serve it with cabbage, carrots, turnip, potatoes, onions and brussel sprouts. All of the vegetables are cooked in the same water as the meat. We also get corned spare ribes from the local meat shop, and add them. WE throw the water at least two times before adding the vegatables, and add the cabbage last, as it takes the least amount of time. Also, sometimes instead of a corned beef, we cook a smoked shoulder, which I love, too. WE usually serve it with dark dinner rolls, and lots of water and beer. Have fun.

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            Where can I get Corned Spare Ribs?

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              I can sometimes get them at my local supermarket, but if not, I have gone to buthcer shops, and they may do it for you. In the Boston area, I have had luck at McKinnons, and a little meat shop in Maplewood square in Malden. Not sure what area you live in, but call around, you may have luck. They are fatty, but do add a nice flavor.

            2. Hmmm, a few thoughts: root vegetables in any form (champ is nice), cabbage or brussel sprouts (Asian or red cabbages are nice variants), Irish soda bread, good butter and mustards, maybe an applesauce or cranberry chutney or fresh horseradish sauce.

              To drink: stout, ale, hard cider, or a robust red (something from Rioja, a Rhone, maybe a New World zinfandel or syrah).

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                I love wine and I love it with corned beef. To use a red, however, in my opinion callso for a deli style sandwich with spicy mustard. Corned beef and cabbage, however, calls out for an Alsatian semi-dry wine. A Claiborne and Churchill gewurtztraminer out of Arroyo Grande, California is ideal. Wines aside a great beer goes well with either preparation.


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                  What is/are Champ?

                2. Southern sytle fried cabbage:

                  ½ pound bacon
                  1 large head cabbage
                  ½ tsp salt
                  ½ tsp black pepper
                  1 clove garlic
                  ½ tsp red pepper flakes

                  Fry the bacon until crispy in large frying pan
                  Pour off most of the grease. Break the bacon into pieces.

                  Chop the cabbage into pieces removing the hard center.
                  Add the cabbage to the pan containing the bacon. Add
                  the seasoning and 1/3 cup of water.

                  Cook covered over medium heat for 5 minutes. Stir then
                  continue cooking until desired tenderness.

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                    My grandmother used to make that but added sour cream at the end. Yum!