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Dec 18, 2004 04:02 PM

How to pronounce name of this pastry?

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I just saw them at a place here in Portland, Oregon. I wanted to try one, but I'm a stickler for correct pronunciation and wanted to make extra sure I got this one right.

My elementary knowledge of French leads me to think it would be:

"pa-REE breast"

Hope someone can help me out so I can perhaps grab a pair before I leave town.


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  1. Janie, that's exactly right.

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    1. Actually, spoken by a Parisian it would sound more like “parry breast”. But by all means, grab a pair!

      Bit of history: the pastry is said to have been designed to commemorate the Paris-Brest bicycle race. A patissiere along the route of the race baked his eclairs in the shape of a bicycle tire.

      1. But on tv now you have to say Paris-Chest.

        1. The original comment has been removed