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Dec 10, 2004 11:12 AM

Best appetizers at Costco?

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I'm having a, holiday party and borrowed a buddy's Costco card since I'm not a member. What are the best appetizers they sell that would be quick and easy for the party?

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  1. You might find an answer or two if you browse through this recent thread on prepared foods at Costco.


    1. Where I live, the Costco (yes, right here in Guadalajara~imagine that!) carries large--very large--jars of mushrooms marinated in garlic and other spices. I had a big party recently and served these as one of the appetizers. They were quite a success.

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        Caitlin McGrath

        Those jars of mushrooms are available at California Costcos; my MIL buys them all the time. I think they're a bit too salty, but they are pretty good.

      2. One of the big hits at an opening house we had at our office was the little cream puffs from the freezer section at Costco. Just take them out right before serving, they're good in any state of thaw. I don't recall the label, but they are round, slightly smaller than golf balls, and come in a box.

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        1. re: Gary Soup

          Agree on the cream puffs! They are always a big hit. If you eat them right out of the freezer, the cream is still frozen and tastes almost like ice cream. YUM.

          1. re: Macy U.

            try drizzling them with good melted dark chocolate when you take them out of the freezer - it intensifies the cream puff experience. They are one of the best things at COSTCO IMHO.

            I don't like their meatballs - too seasoned for my taste with the wrong seasoning - besides I always use my mom's as a benchmark - just what I grew up with I guess. My mom wasn't a great cook but she loved food - and meatballs were definitely one of her specialities.

            anyway, even tho I don't like them, I have served them many times. Tonight in fact we served them with ligonberry sauce - "Swedish" Style - and people were raving about them - Actually used a cross of ligonberry and raspberry melba sauce.
            Interesting aside - while shopping to find ligonberry jam (Ikea is the easiest source) we found that there are both cranberries and whotleberries grown in Eastern Europe (which is alot closer to Sweden than we think) - we live near Little Russia in Forest Hills (as opposed to Brighton which is often called Odessa)

            Am I rambling - must be cause it's the end of a 12 hour plus day.

            Other COSTCO finds - they have a good variety of mini packs of party cheeses this time of the year. My favorite of the bunch only available seasonily around the holidays is the 2 pack of mini St. Andre Cheese, that triple creme cheese that puts ordinary brie to shame. You can do all the same things you might do with Brie, but honestly it's so good that you should invest in a some good breads and crackers to accompany it instead of gussying it up - it's a standout unadorned!

            Also for desserts along with the cream puffs, indulge in a few boxes of their holiday chocolate. French truffles (huge box divided into 4 large individiually packaged portions. Belgium mini mousse cups - people go gah gah over them.

            Ok enuf of my trucs.

            Get your own membership - trust me, on this party alone what you save on the cost of a caterer you will more than make it back. and who knows, you might get hooked on those creams - and wait until you try them straight from the freezer, they do taste like ice cream!!

        2. You may want to be sure your friend is with you at Costco, the ones around here are quite strict about the actual cardholder be there - to the point where they would not let me check out until my husband got back from the restroom because I had his card

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          1. re: Aimee

            Using someone else's card.

            I let a co-worker use my card, they kept it.

            A friend used another friend's card, they wouldn't let them pay by check/debit card.

            My card is photo less, I often have to show picture ID before paying.

            If someone with a clip board asks to speak to you, tell them you are too busy and if they had more cashiers, you would have time. The clipboard person visits people with membership problems.

            My co-worker was approached by the clipboard lady, they took the card and talked to him, since it was a Costco Business Card, and my co-worker had company business cards with our company's name on it, they called work. The accounting clerk took the call and I had to retrieve the card, they started to lecture me, and I showed them the "generic" Costco card we had, and I told them I gave the co-worker the wrong card. The co-worker "bought" a membership, after "they" looked up our account, before I got there. This was June 1997, Sunnyvale CA. I think anyone at work can use our generic card.

            I think it depends on the cashier if you will be able to use someone else's card.

            I went to Costco's website, Cards are not transferable.

            page 10, Item 5


              1. re: carfreeinla

                Huh? Costco is a membership store. You need to show your card whether you pay cash or not.

                1. re: Dorothy

                  If you pay cash, and use the self check out lines, no one will "see"' your card, it is simply waved over the scanner.

              2. re: Alan408

                I have been a member for over 8 years and love the great deals. It is a membership club which means we pay a fee every year! so you really should either join or go some place else. I am glad they take peoples cards aways who abuse.

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                  I left my Costco card with my MIL when we moved to Ireland so she could buy Kitty Litter and Catfood for my cats, which she is taking care of and the card was taken from her.

              3. I like their miniature quiches. They also have large boxes with pastry/phyllo appetizers which were also good--includes cocktail dog in wrapper, mini-empanads (or something close), pastry with mushroom filling--seveal difference choices. Pop in the oven and you're good to go.

                I''ve had samples of the roll-ups, don't bother. Same with the Mexican type--taquitos, etc.--greasy and chewy.

                If you have a Trader Joe's near you, their mushroom in phyllo and spinach cheese pies are great.