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Dec 9, 2004 08:55 AM

Bloomin' Onions

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Does anyone know of a mail order source for Bloomin' Onions (like the ones served at Outback)? I have found loads of recipes and supplies but want the actual product to send as a gift.

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  1. This is a deep fat fried product that goes limp and greasy in about 30 minutes... It probably goes rancid in another hour or so... You don't want to ship a pre-fried product like this - unless it's maybe to your old boss or ex.

    The kits allow you to fry your own - that's probably the best you're going to get at home. I received one of these Bloomin Onion cutters with flavoring powder as a gift. I did, indeed, try it in my deep fat fryer, and we did get something like the restaurant bloomin onions... I haven't used it since.

    1. Well, at one time you could order a Bloomin' Onion at the Outback Steakhouses but I just went to their website and low and behold, as of March 23rd of this year they have closed all 9 Ontario restaurants. The restaurants are now only located in the province of Alberta.
      It doesn't look like it's a very popular item in these parts but here's a blog I found that gives you a diagram of the elusive menu item. SO just reminded me that we have actually seen them at the annual ribfests. I think there's a vendor that makes their rounds in the summer most notably the Etobicoke and the Burlington Ribfests.

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        I tried the Bloomin Onion at the Etobicoke Ribfest last year. It was disappointing - soggy and expensive.

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          And no flavour, except for the measy container of ranch dressing that came with it!