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Dec 6, 2004 01:47 PM

Best Pecans in the World!

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I grew up in a small town in Texas and moved to San Francisco in 1986 and have been here ever since. But I go back every year to visit my family every Thanksgiving. Over the years when I've gone back, I have gorged myself on various foods I miss that aren't readily available in SF - Tex-Mex, tamales, Southern comfort food, BBQ, Kolaches, etc. I have also been learning to cook various dishes so I can have them year round. Recently I attempted to recreate my grandmother's candied citrus peel and pecan dish that she used to always make during the holidays.

Anyway, I kept thinking that something wasn't right. Then I started tasting the pecans I was buying. And I began to wonder if it was the pecans - was my grandmother's pecan tree different from commerical trees? Are the pecans available out in SF old?

So when I went back to Texas at T-day, I asked my Mom where the best place to buy pecans was. She said the only place she has ever bought them was Russell's. We made the drive. Boy, was it worth it!

I got bunch of plain pecans to candy. I also got their Roasted, Salted Pecans which are ungodly good. In fact, I had some friends unexpectantly drop by last weekend - unfortunately, I had left the container of pecans out on the table and couldn't gracefully remove them. As we were tasting tequilas and chatting, eventually somebody reached in and casually popped one in the mouth...and after his "oh, my god these are amazing", everyone had to have some and the next thing I knew they were all gone. Usually, I am a generous hostess, but honestly, the next morning I was a little sad I hadn't done more to protect my stash.

But luckily, I just found their website, and can order more! Hurray! So I thought I'd share the info with you.


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  1. Thanks for the recommendation---I will try Russell's for pecans. May I repay you by recommending my source for black walnuts? Hammons Products (online, search on Google). The nuts are wonderful for baking. Hammons also sells chocolate-covered black walnuts. Just don't order any in the shell as they are nearly impossible to crack.