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Dec 4, 2004 09:20 PM

prepared foods at costco?

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I've always wondered about the prepared foods that Costco sells...a lot of it looks good, but I'm worried to buy those huge quantities and get home and hate it! I know some of the items vary from store to store...but generally it's all the same stuff. Does anyone have any thoughts, opinions, or things I should avoid?

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  1. Costco's crabcakes are fantastic! They don't have them all the time but whenever they do I would buy a platter.

    1. b
      Brent Kulman

      The apple pie and chocolate cake are family favorites around our house.

      1. The oatmeal raisin cookies are good, but I don't like their other cookies---concur on the apple pie...their shrimp cocktail platter is okay if you're in a pinch--

        1. A co-worker brought a Costco sushi platter to a potluck. It was delicious and fresh-tasting. I think you'd want to be able to buy it the same day you're going to serve it.

          1. I went to visit a friend in Chicago and they had a party at a sports complex where you book the space but you have to provide your own food. My friend is a lifelong Chicagoan and a pizza snob, so I was shocked to find Costco pizza at this soiree. Then I tasted the pizza. It was awesome. My buddy said he approved and it was as good as any that you'd find in most pizza places close to his home in Lincoln Park. That was good enough for. The only thing I am not sure of is whether the pizza is like this at all Costcos or if it was just catering to the Chicago crowd.