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Dec 1, 2004 11:12 PM

Mezcal de Pechuga - is the breast raw or cooked?

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Does anyone know if the chicken breast in Mezcal de Pechuga is raw or cooked? I just have an inquiring mind.

Have you tasted it? How is it?

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  1. Very interesting.... I had no idea about this!! I found this using a Google search:

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      Sorry, I should have stated that the link I pasted explains how they treat the raw breast before adding it to the vat.

    2. Ah.........Por todo mal, mezcal. Por todo bien, tambien :-)

      The breast is raw. Pechuga is not produced every year as the real stuff depends upon the availability of specific fruits as well, and those fruits are not always available at the same time in the quantities needed.

      In a nutshell -
      Finished mezcal is put back into the still along with the assorted fruits and a few other ingreidents. The chicken breast is hung over the top of the vat, the still is closed and the distilling process proceeds. The product is distilled over the course of a few weeks. When the distillation is complete and the still opened, there is nothing left of the chicken breast except the bones.

      Yes, I have had Pechuga. Yes, I own a bottle of it. And, yes, it is very good stuff. Mine has a floral, fruity taste to it and, no, there is no chicken flavor to it at all.

      As far as I know, legitimate Pechuga is an artisinal product produced in only a few mountain villages in the State of Oaxaca. Del Maguey Mezcal in Teotitlan is the only distributor of the artisinal product that I know of. They do export to the U.S. I don't believe Pechuga was produced in 2004 because the fruit wasn't available. Check the Del Maguey web site for more information about the actual process and where you can find the product in the U.S.

      I have no affiliation with Del Maguey other than I have visited their facility (which is rustic at best) in Teotitlan twice and have purchased their products. I can say that after drinking their Mezcal now for 2+ years, it's what I perfer and I have no desire to go back to tequila, this stuff is just at a totally different level.


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        Thanks so much Gayla.

        1. No, Mezcal de Pechuga is just the name of that type of Mezcal. the Pechuga is part of the plant to make Mezcal. but yeah, that's funny, Pechuga -Breast.

          you can only find this Mezcal in oaxaca state. I'm from Oaxaca but I'm living in Minnesota now. if you want to know more about Mezcal let me know amigo.

          1. dude, theres no chicken breast in it... im mexican... I love mezcal and have been to Oaxaca a bunch of times, what we call "pechuga" IS NOT a chicken breast although it is literally translated that way. Pechuga is when you cut a piece of the thick part of the agave leaf and then let it ferment using a process that makes it yield its sweetness... after its finished, the slice tastes sweet and has a lot of water inside, Ive had it in places where they produce real mezcal, you chew on it and it releases a sweet and fresh flavor, actually some people in oaxaca keep a few "pechugas" in their fridge for the hot summer days because it is very very refreshing.

            Mezcal de pechuga is when you throw a piece of sweet pechuga into a bottle of Mezcal Blanco (white mezcal) it acquires an amber tone and tastes a bit sweet.

            hope this answered your doubts about pechuga, and remember its not chicken breast fellas

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            1. re: Umr

              If the question is about Del Maguey's Mezcal specifically, then Gayla is absolutely correct. I've seen the production.

              They make a special bottling using their double distilled "Minero" mezcal, and distill it a third time off 1 raw chicken breast that's suspended in the still. They call this bottling "Pechuga".

              The only correction is that it is not distilled over several weeks. The third distillation is a 24 hour process.