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Nov 27, 2004 07:25 PM

Storing Sugar?

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Who keeps their sugar, granulated and powdered sugar in the cabinet or in the refrig...I usually keep my sugars in the fridge in summer, but think I'm going to put them in there now for winter in NY, because I think they attract bugs into the cabinet...Does it change the quality of them, if they are brought to room temp before using, or does it ruin the flavor?

Thanks for the advice!

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  1. No, no , no!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sugar will absorb moisture from your refrigerator as well as flavors. YOu want to keep it as dry as possible. Find a dry, room temp place, and put it in a critter proof container. Sugar does not have as much a problem as grains with critters hatching out, you need to keep them out, and you want to keep it as dry as possible. Refrigerators will make it lump and be damp.

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      Well, if you store it in a tightly-lidded jar, it would keep it dry. But I don't know many people who have that much fridge space. And, no, you would not need to bring it to room temp.

      Why not just store it in a tightly-lidded container in the cupboard. Here in So. Cal. We can't store stuff in its original paper packaging. To avoid bugs (we get a small sort of weevil here) we put stuff in glass jars or Tupperware-like containers.

    2. i do keep my brown sugar in the fridge in a ziplock bag. never dries out.

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        I keep mine in the pantry in a zip lock and it never dries out either.

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          So then how do you get all those nice lumps of molten brown sugar in your baked goods? LOL. Whenever I use lumpy brown sugar, I get raves from people.

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            Brown sugar is great kept in the freezer - no lumps, no hardening. Learned that on this Board!

            White sugar - on the shelf, but inside something - plastic bag, tin, etc.