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Nov 18, 2004 06:50 PM

Wahoo - chunk style Ono

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Got myself a can of the much prized Van Camp's Wahoo, once only available in Samoa, now on sale in Hawaii. Does anyone have any experience with this stuff. Should I treat it as I would canned tuna and make an ono salad sandwich. Any other uses? I'll report back on taste. Thanks.

Link: http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/art...

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  1. Make yourself an ono sandwich! How did you like it?

    1. The Van Camps Wahoo is in Soy Bean Oil & can be used to make a KILLER Stir-Fry using the oil in the can. My favorite is frying cabbage, onion & garlic along with the Wahoo with a Soy Teri Ginger Sauce thats real easy to make. No special recipe needed. You can't go wrong.

      1. How much is the Van Camp Wahoo selling for in California ? Is it more expensive than buying it in Hawaii ? I was just wondering since Cali is on the other side of the Pacific?

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          Rather, Japan is on the other side of the Pacific from Cali(fornia). Hawaii is in the middle.