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Items: Missing in US / Missing in UK

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OK chowhounds, Am looking for a lot of support by way
of feedback. Here is the spiel, so I hope y'all will
actively participate with your suggestions.

Two Questions:

A) What do Americans miss from back home when they are
in the UK ?

B)What do Americans (or Brit Expats) yearn for from UK
which they cannot find easily in the US ?

A very good hound friend of mine (Candy from
Indiannapolis) has helped me gather some very valuable
insight, and to give an idea, here are some
suggestions put forth by her:

Missing in US: Crisps (other than BBQ, sourcream,
plain, onion, or salt & vinegar flavour)., Harveys
Club Sherry, Lochan Ora liqueur, Rose's passion fruit
cordial, Knorr sizzle & stir (this was specially
yearned for by a Brit friend of Candy's back in the
US, as it appears that his wife was hassling him for

(you can also include items which may currently be
available within the US but at a high price, however
in this case, please specify)

Missing in UK: Cornmeal, Masa Harina/Hominy/Grits,
BBQ sauces (from SC/NC/TX/TN)

You can mention whatever excites your taste buds on
either side of the Atlantic so you can be as
imaginative as you like and include any item you
normally look for whether it is a particular type of
sauce, paste, pod, herb, spice.. whether it is
cardamom,vanilla, cloves, saffron, paprika, tapioca
pudding (spotted dick), mustard/custard, limequats,
kumquats, Calamondins, meyer lemons, mango, papaya,
fresh/seasonal fruits or foods or whatever comes to

Many thanks in advance

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  1. living here, my darling english husband misses heinz beans, lucozade, bread sauce, and sausage rolls, not to mention winegums, maltesers, and ribena.

    we live in NYC, so this is all stuff we can find, but it's expensive and we have to go out of our way to get it.

    when i'm in the UK with him, i miss skim milk and sweet n' low for my coffee. oh, and good coffee.

    1. This may be a bit out of date but when I lived in the UK these are the prepared foods or produce I missed...
      good watermelons, avocados,
      brownies/chocolate chip cookies
      ice cream in american flavors..rocky road, pumpkin, pecan
      decent burgers and flank steaks...I had a very hard time adjusting to the flavor of british beef ( bloody and not aged )

      these are the things enjoyed in the UK :
      good cheddar
      cornish pasties
      curd tarts,jam tarts and good steamed puddings

      probably more but these are the first things that come to mind.

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      1. re: ciaolette

        oooh, enchiladas. definitely good mexican food. even being able to buy soft corn tortillas and pinto beans at tesco's would be nice.

      2. e

        When I lived in Scotland 12-14 years ago, the food situation in the UK was so dire that I missed everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, good pizza, decent hamburgers, and a good cup of non-instant coffee to good Chinese, Mexican, sushi, Thai, basically everything but Indian. Most insistently, however, I missed a good bagel (the prevalence of great smoked salmon without decent bagels always seemed to be one of Scotland's great tragedies).

        In the last decade, the UK has truly undergone a food revolution. All the things I mentioned are readily available now EXCEPT, judging by what my friends ask me to bring them when I visit, good NY style bagels...

        The things I miss from the UK are: 1) a wide variety of cask-conditioned ales lovingly served; 2) wonderful and unusual farmhouse cheeses, often shot through with beautiful colors of blue; 3) sinful double cream; 4)a plate of spicy haggis with buttery neeps and tatties (really!); 5)crumbly light scones that are not the size of basketballs; 6) lovely creamy layered trifles; 7) sticky toffee pudding (though we get more of these now); 8) a wide variety of affordable port...

        I'm sure more will come to me!

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        1. re: Elaine(Snutteplutten)

          fyi, I do believe dba 1st Ave has a few cask conditioned ales.

          dba is in the East Village on 1st Ave (btwn 2nd & 3rd)

        2. American foods I missed when I lived in Twickenham:
          - Good steak/hamburger meat
          - Bacon
          - Heinz ketchup
          - BLT sandwiches
          - Sausages
          - Pizza

          English foods I missed when I DIDN't live in Twickenham:
          - Tennant's Lager
          - Full English breakfast
          - Fish 'n chips
          - Full fat cheeses
          - Puddings
          - Late night curries
          - Reasonable retail prices on good wine

          1. Looks like other posters share my feelings. Haven't been to the UK for a year or so but on my last stay I longed for good Mexican food. Maybe I just wasn't looking in the right places.

            1. When I'm in the UK:
              BAGELS!!!!! Absolutely number one gripe. THe bagels here are abysmal.
              real sandwiches with more than one limp slice of meat and without butter
              fresh corn on the cob
              campbell's chicken noodle soup (they have everything but...)
              rye bread
              kraft mac n cheese (I have expat friends who hoard the stuff. I have actually GIVEN Kraft mac n cheese as a gift... it was well appreciated.)
              cheesesteak (don't really eat them much while in the us, but somebody mentioned these on CH about a month ago and I've been dying for one ever since)
              mexican food
              baked beans that don't taste like spagetti-o's

              When in the US I miss:
              elderflower cordial
              farmhouse bread that doesn't cost a fortune
              golden syrup
              squashes of all kinds
              the extensive range of fairtrade goods
              mushy peas

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              1. re: drdawn

                Ikea sells ederflower cordials in their food section here in the US

              2. Things I miss from the UK

                Extra thick double cream
                Everything from M&S's Food Hall!!!
                Everything Cadbury's
                The amazing variety of baking products found
                at the supermarkets (flours, etc)
                Fig Rolls (Fig Newton's just aren't the same)
                Jacobs High Baked Water Biscuits
                Jacobs Cream Crackers
                Blackcurrant Jam
                Fish and Chips
                Fresh Cream cakes
                Cornish pasties
                Cheese and onion pie
                Cumberland Sausages
                Potatoes (potatoes in the US don't hold a candle)
                Indian food
                Hula hoops (the plain ones)
                Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuits
                Galaxy Minstrels
                Malt Bread

                Things I miss from the US

                Decent Sushi
                Sourdough bread
                Rye Toast
                Filet Mignon

                1. Excellent post. Having lived in the UK for the best part of my life, then Australia for a good few years and now Canada I'm starting to need 'essentials' shipped from all over the world!

                  Missing from the UK (and by comparison what I can get here in Canada appears to be similar to what is available in the US) and echoing others, here goes:

                  'Proper' bacon
                  Haggis (scottish husband has converted me)
                  Clotted cream
                  Cadbury's chocolate (the taste is different here and in Australia because (apparently) of the milk used); especially Boosts and Drifters
                  Green & Blacks Chocolate
                  Elderflower Cordial
                  Crisps (ok 'chips') in 40g one serving packages
                  Ditto Cadburys chocolate and the small packages
                  H*ll ditto everything and the smaller packages/ servings
                  Cheshire Cheese
                  Marks & Spencer everything (but specifically their tea-bags which my mum has to send me!)
                  Caramel Slices and Flapjacks

                  Not to knock what you can get here as variety is the spice and all that.

                  Ooo and for the record, once you have been to Oz and been converted to Vegemite, then that becomes a staple too.

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                  1. re: naomi

                    Regarding Cadbury's chocolate, I saw once on television that, in the US, Cadbury's is produced by Hershey's -- after the company left the hands of the Cadbury family, production changed. Since I don't like either product EXCEPT for the one lucky time I had Cadbury in London and when someone brings me a UK Cadbury, this makes sense to me.

                    In the US, I can sometimes find real Cadbury chocolate at Cost Plus/World Market. However, when I'm there, I tend to go for the German chocolates.

                    1. re: T in DC

                      Ritter Sport with whole hazelnuts, as well as the very elusive Milka Joghurt....

                      1. re: LisaM
                        Chris Willging

                        I have seen the Ritter Sport with whole hazelnuts at Trader Joe's lately, if you have one nearby.

                        1. re: Chris Willging

                          Thanks, Chris. I have gotten the Ritter Sport at TJ's, and I also recently found Milka Joghurt at Schaller & Weber, in Manhattan.

                      2. re: T in DC

                        In Canada, Cadbury's is made by Cadbury Trebor Allan. It's good good stuff.

                      3. re: naomi

                        I don't suppose you're in Toronto? I can get Devonshire Cream at various specialty shops, even some Loblaw's I think, and Green and Blacks at a Health Food place.

                        1. re: julesrules

                          Thanks...not in Toronto unfortunately - but I shouldn't complain as we do have a reasonable 'British Pantry' here in Calgary.

                          And I luckily have a trip to London planned pretty soon so will be able to get my fixes and stocks!

                          1. re: julesrules

                            Thanks...not in Toronto unfortunately - but I shouldn't complain as we do have a reasonable 'British Pantry' here in Calgary.

                            And I luckily have a trip to London planned pretty soon so will be able to get my fixes and stocks!

                          2. re: naomi

                            Crumpets? In Canada?? Oh come on now, any supermarket (at least in Toronto) will have them.

                            And any halfway decent supermarket cheese counter will have Cheshrre cheese, imported from the UK.

                          3. I also miss real ale (ask if its cask!) from England. I miss real pubs (especially my local) and all the people you meet in them, all of the glorious cheese and Bisto's Chip Shop Curry Gravy. I don't even know why I miss it, because Bisto is disgusting, but I do. Funny, someone else said they missed sandwiches while in England (and if they had a prawn cocktail from Marks and Sparks I can't blame them), but I miss the heavenly baguettes loaded with cheese and tomato and basil, or cucumber and brie, or piles of BACON! Good tea goes without saying I think...

                            When I was little and living in England, I missed iced tea mix and Kool Aid (and KD of course!). Now I'm a grown-up (at least according to my driver's license) I miss wings and nachos while I'm over there.

                            Not exactly a "high-end" list of foods, but I think missing is more about comfort foods then taste. I could go on about "missings" for ever, I think it might bore people...

                            1. Missing - UK
                              -good pickles (cucumber)
                              -pretzels (small crunchy and big soft)
                              -salad with vinaigrette dressing (GOBS AND GOBS OF MAYO DOES NOT CONSTITUTE DRESSING!!)
                              -plain chicken broth in a tin (NOT Maggi cubes, or canned "broth" w/bits of everything in it)

                              Missing - US
                              -pickled onions that are bigger than martini-sized
                              -Walker's potato crisps in really interesting flavors, like lamb, roast beef, worcestershire sauce, prawn cocktail
                              -decent cheddar cheese
                              -Tennant's lager
                              -Cadbury Crunchies, or any "real" Cadbury's, for that matter
                              -McVitie's milk and plain chocolate Digestives and Hob Nobs
                              -Ayrshire potatoes

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                              1. re: LisaM

                                McVities digestive biscuits are easy to find in the US, I even found them in Indianapolis which is a culinary wasteland.

                                1. re: shrimpbird

                                  Yes, but they're a good deal pricier here in the States!!

                              2. WOW! I had no idea you couldn't get all that stuff in the US! Good thing we are in Canada, where my Brit husband can simply pop down to Dickens Sweets and Chocolates and get everything he could ever want from home and a few things besides. If you are looking to start a shop or something like that you might want to call Anne at Dickens...she's got a bang up little place - full stock of everything from Kia-Ora (too orangy for crows!) to bread sauce. Full service brit bakery with pies and sausage rolls. Bacon from everywhere and a huge selection of candy.

                                No website that I can find, but here's a little blurb from the local paper

                                Link: http://www.chilliwacktimes.com/issues...

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                                1. re: Cynthia

                                  Fortnum and Mason is missing in the US!!!

                                  1. re: Cynthia
                                    Amin (London Foodie)

                                    Thank you to each one of you for the extremely helpful
                                    information you all are providing, and am going to
                                    study these carefully, so please keep on providing
                                    whatever else may come to mind. Thank you to those of
                                    you as well who have sent me emails, which are also
                                    equally appreciated. It is nice when friendships are
                                    created through a common denominator, in this case,

                                    Cynthia, shall appreciate if you could please give me
                                    a contact number/address for Anne & Fred Hall of
                                    Dickens. Where is Chilliwack ? Is it near Toronto ?

                                    No, I don’t exactly intend to set up a shop but
                                    working on mailorder as well as importing stuff like
                                    rice, sesame oil, sesame seed, Belgian chocolates,
                                    pepper jelly, and currently studying the US
                                    possibilities to supply stuff to US expats in England,
                                    and conversely, Brit stuff for those in the US who
                                    miss certain foods from out here. Am also working
                                    towards a quarterly ''meet and eat'' networking event
                                    for hounds, which will materialise sometime in 2005
                                    once I have enough items of interest by way of variety
                                    and quality..

                                  2. What about peanut butter?

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                                    1. re: coll

                                      Definitely agree on that one... And anything one might classify as soul food or Southern food.

                                      One thing I really miss from the UK, besides the things otherwise mentioned, is decent tonic water. Apparently it's due to FDA regulations not allowing more than a certain amount of quinine...

                                    2. Miss when in the US:
                                      - proper bacon (I'm with Naomi there)
                                      - Marks and Sparks - for chips/crisps, great ready-made sandwiches, desserts and erm, underwear (I used to be able to go to Toronto but heard they've shut down there)
                                      - Rowntrees everything, but especially pastilles and fruit gums
                                      - Maltesers
                                      - good instant coffee - Americans do good proper coffee so their instant sucks - I miss Nestle Cap Colombie!
                                      - decent Singaporean/ Malaysian food (ok you can get it in NYC but I live in LA now)
                                      - kebabs on every corner
                                      - regular (not porn star) chicken breasts

                                      Miss when in the UK:
                                      - beef (hello mad cow!)
                                      - sushi
                                      - Vietnamese food
                                      - a really good burger chain like In'n'Out or Fatburger, especially drive-thros
                                      - decent wait service and reasonable restaurant prices
                                      - farmer's markets
                                      - decent french fries (as opposed to soggy chips)

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                                      1. re: vidia
                                        Amin (London Foodie)

                                        Vidia, you get beef in Britain and mad cow has, I am
                                        told, been consigned to history. You also get sushi
                                        and Vietnamese food. For Viet food, go to Hackney
                                        in East London. Farmer's markets are also available in abudance in the UK, and if you go to the right place, there are some amazing French fries in England (though the word ''french'' is avoided in fries as in letters). Just ask for some ''crisp chips'').
                                        Is'nt Toronto a bit far to drive down from the city of angels just for M&S underwear ? Am working on this problem for you, so be cool & stay tuned.
                                        Am amazed that you guys don't have chicken breasts
                                        down there ? I love breasts

                                        1. re: Amin (London Foodie)

                                          Amin, the chicken breasts here are overly abundant in size. It used to be that 1 breast half was about right for one person. Now with the supersizing one breast half can feed 2-3 people. They are too big.

                                          1. re: Candy
                                            Amin (London Foodie)

                                            Nver thought that chickens could have such large
                                            breasts. Are they able to stand up on their legs
                                            un-aided ?

                                            Will have to show you some Brit breasts when
                                            you're next in London

                                        2. re: vidia

                                          You can get malteasers and rowntrees pastilles in NYC (I know you're in LA but in case anyone else is looking)...malteasers in various delis in manhattan and queens (sunnyside, very irish), and the pastilles are available in chinatown, try Kam Man grocery store on Canal, right by the checkout.

                                          1. re: shrimpbird

                                            Good to know - when I lived in nyc I could not go to chinatown without stopping in at Kam Man's...

                                          2. re: vidia

                                            Have you been to Singapore's Banana Leaf at Farmer's Market? I think it's pretty good Singapore/Malaysian food. And after lunch, you can stop at the Cost Plus there and get some English licorice and other candies for dessert.

                                            Link: http://www.eatingla.blogspot.com/

                                            1. re: Chowpatty

                                              Hi Patty - yes, I have and unfortunately I have to disagree. I have also been to Penang out in Covina, Belacan Grill in Redondo and Kuala Lumpur in Pasadena, all of which inform my conclusion. I do agree Costplus has a lot of good stuff, especially around x'mas!

                                          3. When I was a student in London in 1985, I missed edible food. The stuff they served in the dining hall was abysmal so we lived mostly on Cadbury fruit & nut bars and takeaway hummus.

                                            Now in US I miss rich, STRONG full-flavored tea served everywhere from restaurants to sidewalk stalls. Getting a decent cup of tea is impossible outside my home. I buy Barry's tea in the imported foods section at about $6 a box!

                                            1. Also I'm missing good English breakfasts. The fried toast, bacon and baked beans got me over my hangover and started on a new day everyday...

                                              1. I was recently in the UK for a month, and now I REALLY miss the McVitie's Snickers Flapjacks.

                                                I've tried looking for them online, but the shipping charges are insane, they come out to around $30-$40!

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                                                1. re: anne

                                                  I'm afraid I must ask...is it a pancake? a candy? a combination of the two?

                                                2. In US, I miss:

                                                  Pork pies
                                                  Sainsbury's sausage rolls
                                                  Devon cream
                                                  Cadbury's Flake and Aero bars

                                                  2 Replies
                                                  1. re: MzMaggie

                                                    New York has the british food store "Myers of Keswick" in the West Village which stocks lots of UK goodies.

                                                    1. re: Jon

                                                      Devon and Blakely in midtown also have a decent selection of UK food, including McVities and Hob Nobs

                                                  2. p
                                                    pecan pie wife

                                                    Is it still true that pizza delivery isn't available in most of the UK?

                                                    1 Reply
                                                    1. re: pecan pie wife
                                                      Amin (London Foodie)

                                                      pecan pie wife, you oughtta be joking. Pizza's and
                                                      their delivery are now extremely common. It is no
                                                      longer just the domain of the Italians and American's
                                                      but also include pizza places owned by Indians,
                                                      Pakistani's, bangladeshi's etc. only difference being
                                                      that they dont pronounce it as ''Pitz-za'' but do so
                                                      exactly the way it is spelt ''with a ZZ'', so you
                                                      gotta be careful when you phone in your order.

                                                      i heard that there is a new curry pizza being

                                                      (ps: don't take me seriously, as I am just kidding).

                                                      Pizza delivery guy's are a rule unto themselves. They
                                                      go along on these smal motorbikes with barely enough
                                                      horsepower, and I think 90 percent of them are learner
                                                      drivers, so the motorist has to watch out for them
                                                      and not the other way around.

                                                    2. Well, last month my source for McVities Digestive Biscuits and Hobnobs dried up, so I'm really missing those. I also miss real Wensleydale cheese. We can get it here, but it doesn't taste the same as it does in Wensleydale. And pork pies, specifically from Appleton's in Ripon. Any kind of meat pies, actually. I can make pasties myself, but they're not the same.

                                                      When in Yorkshire, I desperately missed peanut butter, and my friend still hankers after Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, so I bring 'em when I go.

                                                      1. In the USA I miss:
                                                        decent Chinese food, namely:
                                                        crispy roasted duck that is shredded, not sliced
                                                        crispy fried seaweed
                                                        crispy-edged, soft-interior noodles
                                                        (I like crispy things!)

                                                        Walls Milk lollies (the phallic-shaped ones, vanilla flavour specifically)

                                                        M & S - why haven't American supermarkets got the prepackaged cooked food sections right?

                                                        The little chocolate mice from Harrods

                                                        Away from America, I miss:
                                                        Those evil diet chocolate hard candies from
                                                        CVS (they must have LSD in them-no idea why I'm addicted to them)
                                                        Ghiardelli's hot chocolate powder

                                                        Ben 'n Jerry's, although they are thankfully now available everywhere, except SA (see below)

                                                        I'm somewhat of a strange case, as I was born in London, live in South Africa, study in America and am currently on exchange in Bologna, Italy. Who would have thought there was so much food endemic only to certain countries?

                                                        Everything tastes best in South Africa, by the way! My saddest example of this is the fact that, despite being in Italy, I would kill for a ciabatta from home.

                                                        1 Reply
                                                        1. re: Kate

                                                          25th November 2004

                                                          Kate, thanks for your interesting post which I have
                                                          read in detail today.

                                                          Sorry that I cannot do for the phallic shaped Walls
                                                          milk lollies, as they would melt before it reaches
                                                          your mouth.

                                                          Have noted your desire for crispy things and also
                                                          for the ghirardelli hot choc powder, as also for the
                                                          diet choc mice.

                                                          You sure have an interesting life, born a Londoner,
                                                          living in SA, studying in US, and being an exchange
                                                          student in Italy. I didnt know that SA had their own
                                                          ciabatta, which by name itself is Italian sounding.

                                                          ps: Due to google posting my messages in cyberspace,
                                                          an going a bit incognito as from now onwards, hence
                                                          the change in the posting style. My email address will
                                                          henceforth be given below, so hope the CH team do not
                                                          slap my wrists because of it. (Am sure they won't)
                                                          Best Wishes / OrientRice@aol.com

                                                        2. a
                                                          Amin (London Foodie)

                                                          Sincere thanks to all of you who provided such
                                                          a wonderful insight into those items which are
                                                          greatly missed by you on either side of the Atlantic.


                                                          1. I realize that this thread a a bit old, but someone apparently just revived it, and reading down this list, I felt it only fair to point out to NY residents that Myers of Keswick on Greenwich Ave. (West Village) sells: wine gums, English teas, and biscuits, Heinz beans, mushy peas, Allsorts, jams, puddings (to be steamed at home); many Cadbury and other UK chocolate bars, potato crisps, and much more. Murray's cheese on Blecker St. sells Devon cream. Trader Joe's sells very good crumpets, in my opinion. Also, items such as Ribena, Scottish smoked salmon, Digestives, Marmite, and English cheddars and butters and quite easy to find all over Manhattan nowadays. Oh, and we have Pret a Manger, too!

                                                            I do Miss Marks n Sparks, though, and some good fish'n'chips with a REAL beer, not the "Americanized" versions that get distributed here.

                                                            1 Reply
                                                            1. re: vvvindaloo

                                                              I spotted Heinz salad creme at the Tea and Sympathy Carry Out shop last night

                                                            2. I miss

                                                              sandwich spread
                                                              heinz salad cream
                                                              brown sauce
                                                              large eggs
                                                              all the choccies - picnic, CDM, flakes, galaxy, maltesers etc
                                                              good cheddar and other Brit cheeses
                                                              Scottish Smoked Salmon
                                                              Walkers crisps
                                                              rice pud
                                                              treacle and choccie puddings
                                                              digestives specially the plain ones
                                                              Gold Blend Instant Coffee
                                                              double cream
                                                              clotted cream
                                                              greek yoghurt
                                                              better fruit and veg selection
                                                              everything from Marks n Sparks
                                                              chewy bagels
                                                              good jams
                                                              Pizza Express Pizzas

                                                              can get some of this here but very expensive

                                                              2 Replies
                                                              1. re: smartie

                                                                I lived in London and Birmingham about 6 years ago, and I thought the food was BETTER there then in the US.

                                                                I miss:

                                                                FLAPJACKS! Especially the really decadent kind--only people in the UK know the tasty oaty sticky goodness of a flapjack.


                                                                Indian food in general

                                                                Shapers sandwiches from Boots

                                                                Marks n' Sparks food hall

                                                                Sainsbury's supermarket

                                                                Odd flavors of thick ridged crisps

                                                                Odd flavors of hot chocolate

                                                                Pret a Manger

                                                                All of those wonderful sandwiches--pineapple and cream cheese, egg mayo and cress, hummus and cuke--you could get in just about every shop.

                                                                Jacket potato sellers

                                                                Sugar Mice

                                                                Flyte chocolate bars

                                                                While there I missed--

                                                                Good bagels

                                                                Good pizza/Italian food

                                                                Good Chinese food

                                                                Some favorite TV dinners, like Lean Cuisine French Bread pizza

                                                                Low calorie American soft serve

                                                                Really great coffee

                                                                1. re: veganish

                                                                  and I think American coffee sucks! strange isn't it?

                                                              2. When in UK:
                                                                -produce that wasnt heavily sealed in plastic.
                                                                -corn: fresh on the cob, meal and masa harina
                                                                -ny pizza
                                                                -american chinese food
                                                                -drinking copious amounts without having dinner
                                                                -neighborhood restaurants like in brooklyn.
                                                                -burritos (cheap delicious mexican food)
                                                                -easy to find frozen spinach in grocery stores (my sainsburys didn't carry it)

                                                                back in the usa, missing uk:
                                                                -sticky toffee pudding
                                                                -salt and vinegar crisps
                                                                -diet tonic water
                                                                -the blackberry bushes where i'd harvest a good gallon of berries a weekend this time of year
                                                                -indian food
                                                                -those M&S commercials that were practically obscene ("This chicken is no ordinary chicken. It is a dale evens chicken that is drizzled with our fresh gravy")

                                                                1. Things I missed from the US/Canada (while in the UK for a work holiday in '03):

                                                                  Things I miss from the UK:
                                                                  curry-flavoured Pringles
                                                                  M&S fat-free vanilla yogurt (with actual vanilla bean!)
                                                                  vegetarian English breakfast
                                                                  Yorkshire pudding
                                                                  easily accessible cider (ditto blackcurrant cordial and snakebites)
                                                                  Bombay mix
                                                                  Cadbury Flake icecream cone

                                                                  1. This project is really interesting to me as a New Yorker who used to work for a company that imports food from the UK, and as New Yorker who now lives in Oxfordshire and sometimes wants beer from Brooklyn or Skippy peanut butter.
                                                                    Some things you think you want (i.e., Skippy peanut butter) aren't so necessary once you find out they triple in price by the time they get here.
                                                                    Anyway, I'm pretty good at finding what I want, but craft-brewed beers from the US have been almost impossible to find. Brooklyn Brewery's Ale and Lager are sometimes available now, as well as Anchor Steam, but I entertain a good deal and if anyone can find me a good source of a wider variety...
                                                                    Also, coarse cornmeal, huitlacoche, good (american and south american) dried and fresh chiles, Can concord grapes be imported? They might not travel well, but I miss those, too. And maple syrup that's from NY state.
                                                                    P.S. Another goods source of foods from the uk (higher end brands, though, no mc vittie's) is Chelsea Market Baskets in the Chelsea Market on 9th Ave btwn 15th and 16th Streets.

                                                                    1. Now that I'm living in the US I really, really miss Branston pickle. Ahh... pickle..