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Nov 14, 2004 07:41 PM

REAL Heavenly Hash Candy--cannot find online!

  • j

Does anyone know where to get heavenly hash candy online? My searching is coming up with nothing, just some packaged flat looking chocolate bar with nuts and then a marshmallow filling...this is not what I mean...I am looking for real heavenly hash candy...about 3" high by 4 in wide pieces, dark chocolate with walnuts or pecans and or almonds, and marshmallow, very chewy and stretchy...Palm Beach Confectioners in Florida sells it, but can't find an online source for them...anyone can help?

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  1. j
    Jennie Sheeks

    Maybe the Vermont Country Store?

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    1. re: Jennie Sheeks

      Thanks...finally found Palm Beach Confectioners online, and sent them an email, they said they still sell it in their shops they just didn't have it online, and they could send me some. They made it the best, so I'm going to get it from them..THanks!

      1. re: Janie

        You might want to try Bissinger's version if you are feeling like really spoiling yourself (or someone special). I grew up in St.Louis and Bissingers Candy Store downtown on Euclid Avenue was a real "confectionary". Even though I have long since moved to the Pacific Northwest, home of "Fran's Chocolates", Bissingers still makes my favorite candy in the whole world, dark chocolate covered molasses "lollipops". Imagine a thin round molasses caramel covered in semi-sweet chocolate and you are beginning to be close. Outrageous.


      1. Heavenly Hash...

        Our homemade marshmallow with roasted, diced almonds in your choice of milk or dark chocolate.