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Nov 8, 2004 06:02 PM

What to bring to an Italian potluck?

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We are having a birthday party for my aunt and someone suggested it be a potluck. Then someone suggested the food stick to a theme. Then someone suggested the theme be "Italian".

Since none of us are Italian, I'm kind of curious what people will bring. But knowing this group, it will probably be lasagne, spag. and meatballs, garlic bread, etc.


So, I would like to bring some things that are authentically Italian or Italian-American. What are some dishes you can recommend?

Oh, and I realize Italy is a big and diverse country. I also realize there is a difference between Italian and Italian-American food. But I want to "keep it real" and have something that will impress my middle-of-the-road generic American family. I also am not unfamilar with Italian and Italian-American cuisine and have practiced several of the cooking techniques, ie. for polenta, gnocchi, bruschetta, fresh pasta, etc.

Any suggestions?


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  1. We now have a cooking board to discuss recipes and cooking techniques. We've moved the cooking oriented replies to that board (see link below). If anyone wants to talk about different sorts of foods and regional variations, etc (rather than how to actually prepare them), that's fine for this General Topics message board.

    Even though there's sometimes a fine line between cooking and eating, we'd appreciate if folks could refrain from covering both in one thread, just for organizational sanity. Better to break up questions into two parts - eating-oriented issues here on General Topics and cooking-oriented issues on Home Cooking.