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Nov 6, 2004 08:02 AM

Best jerky I can mail-order? (repost from Midwest board)

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When I was in college in Madison, WI, I used to get the most delicious beef jerky at the now-famous farmers market. Does anyone have recommendations for some really good artisanal jerky I can order, through the web or otherwise? (It doesn't have to be from Wisconsin, of course, despite my Badger devotion.) I want to convince my sister to toss out that Jack Link's forever.

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  1. Gary West is as succulent and tasty as I've ever had. Not leathery, but firm, and very well spiced stuff. They are located in Southern Oregon


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    1. re: bbqboy

      Check out They have The Best jerky by far, and they run great specials online all the time.


    2. Whenever I pass through Bishop, I always stop at Mahogany Meats.


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        Professor Salt

        Stongly second this place. I like their cowboy jerky the best because it's extraordinary in several senses of the word.

        Made from cured flank steak, it's thick, like a hockey puck. So thick I have to cut slim pieces off w/ a knife and chew them. But very beefy flavor, and unlike any beef jerky I've tried anywhere else.

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          And don't pass up the bacon, great stuff. Can't wait to go up to Mammoth so I can stop by to get all the free samples.

      2. Look up Cattaneo Bros. in San Luis Obispo on Google. Great linguica sausages and great jerky.

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          Cattaneo has among the best linguica I've found. (805) 543-7188. I don't really care for their jerky, though. My current favorite is from Angelo's Meats in Petaluma, CA. (707)763-9586.( I prefer their plain to their spicy. Thanks to Melanie Wong for the Angelo's rec.

        2. Jiggs Smoke House has the best beef jerky I know of.

          Last time I ordered from them, I had to mail them a check, but you can call and see if they take credit cards yet:

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