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floating hard boiled eggs???

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  • d2u Nov 2, 2004 08:26 AM
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I boiled a dozen eggs this morning. They were all from the same carton, and were not purchased that long ago. When I put them in the cold water, one of them floated. I have never had that happen before, and seem to remember that that means it is old or bad, so I tossed it. After boiling them, I found three more floating. They also were cracked with egg seeping out of them. What is going on with these eggs? I took out the floating eggs, but are they bad too? I have made a lot of boiled eggs in my life and have never had this happen, what is most likely wrong with them? Thanks...Dawn

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  1. As eggs get older their air cell gets larger, so the older they get, more air, until they float. Although you may not have had the carton a long time, eggs are frequently stored for weeks by supermarkets and wholesalers. I throw out the floaters--they may not be rotten, but they are stale. And if they are rotten, I really don't want to open it up, boiled or not. One time I threw out a batch of boiling eggs because they were floaty and distinctly odiferous. I had to take the trash out immediately.

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      Thanks Devon, I cracked open the three that were floating just to see what they were like. They seemed fine, but I tossed them. I like my hard-boiled eggs waiting at the bottom of the pot for me. Thanks for the explanation...Dawn