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Oct 31, 2004 11:58 AM

Knorr Oxtail Soup Mix

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This product is now impossible to find in the U.S. Has anyone found another source?

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  1. It may be impossible where you are, but it's here in Chgo. If you want me to send you some, e-mail me.

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    1. re: bryan

      It's everywhere - it's just called "Tomato Beef" now - it says Oxtail in parentheses on the Knorr box.

      1. re: Nina W.

        Knorr changed the name to Tomato Beef, probably to get around the Oxtail name for Americans, but now... they've done away with that as well. I spoke to the Knorr people here in the U.S. and verified it's been discontinued.

        However, I've been searching in Canada and found they can still get it there. However, the few places I found on the web are either wholesalers and won't ship or if they ship, they're out of the product at the moment due to overwhelming orders they've received from the U.S.

        1. re: Dar Sword

          Am intrigued by this posting. Currently in London, where Knorr oxtail soup mix is in every grocery, even in local off license. Is it any good? Do you use it in recipes? Should I spend 70p and buy some?

          1. re: annab

            Personally, I do like it as soup with fresh bread and butter. But...

            It's also the base for many of my recipes. It's the gravy for my pot roast, rouladen, etc. I even dump it in plain old hamburger/vegetable soup for added flavor.


            1. re: Dar Sword

              Does anyone know where in the Southern California area I can buy the oxtail soup mix? Is the Tomatoe Beef the same thing? Not finding it in the San Diego this Thanksgiving nearly ruined my gravy. Can someone suggest a close substitute?

              1. re: Geri

                I believe Cost Plus carries that brand and I would imagine Henry's would also.

            2. re: annab

              knorr oxtail soup, or "brown soup" in my family was a favorite. i suspected it had been discontinued since i can never find it. it is totally worth the 70p. i used to put a roast in the crock pot, add the soup packet and pour in a beer. the gravy was excellent!

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        torta basilica

        They call it Tomato Beef now - guess the marketing guys figured out oxtail doesn't sound appealing to American palates...

        1. I contacted Knorr and received a very sad e-mail from them...they HAVE discontinued it!!!!!! It is an essential ingredient to one of my favorite recipes. I have friends all over the country looking for it. Went to nine stores today in Chicago burbs, nothing, nada. You won't find it under it's "new" name which is two years old "tomato beef" it's gone. Maybe if enough of us complain to Knorr, they will bring it back!!

          1. I was very lucky and found it at The South African Food Shop--on line. You have to order a minimum of $20 worth, but with shipping included I got 18 packets for about $30. Placed my order on Monday and received the package today!

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            1. re: goodcats

              Do you still have the link for the product. I went to The South African Food Shop but cannot find anything for the Knorr Oxtail soup.

            2. please clarify: is it discontinued in america OR just called "tomato beef"? Dar Sword, i think you said it is gone....under any name. ;-(.

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              1. re: alkapal

                It can be found on Ebay in Ireland by single packs or cases......Knorr can stop me Now!!!